Build an international perspective for business in a globalized world

The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business at St. Edward’s University provides you with an international business perspective through an expanded business education.

In this program, students delve into the challenges of doing business on the global stage and how to interact with different cultures. You explore different views of the world and shape how you view your role and responsibilities in the global community.

Through study abroad opportunities, client-based global projects, and interaction with business leaders, you develop a global business skill set and learn to leverage these skills within the workplace.

Majors in the BBA in International Business apply accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and management knowledge and skills to decision making in a global environment.

Topics covered include international markets, culture, social responsibility, communication, and proficiency in a language related to a region of interest. Students develop skills for successful management in a global market.


The International Business major is an exciting opportunity for students who want to pursue careers working for global companies, international government, non-governmental agencies and trade organizations.

To increase employment opportunities, many graduates pursue advanced degrees in related business disciplines, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, or a degree in international law.

Meet the Faculty

Students pursuing an International Business major benefit from the knowledge and experience of faculty who are focused on helping students understand the challenges of operating in a global environment. This includes understanding the importance of culture and corporate social responsibility. The faculty teach key concepts through the application of theories to real-world scenarios, problem-solving assignments and case study analyses. Faculty also accompany students to other countries to engage in projects with global companies.

About the International Business Minor

A minor in International Business enriches your studies with a global perspective applicable to a variety of fields. This program can help you better understand facets of the global economy.

Requirements for a Minor in International Business (18 semester hours):

International Management
Seminar in Global Business
International Trade and Finance or International Finance
Special Topics
International Marketing
International Business Administration
Up to 9 hours of the minor can be completed at international institutions