Cultivate an international perspective for today’s interconnected business world

The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business delves into the challenges and opportunities of doing business on a global stage.

Students explore different perspectives and learn how to interact with different cultures, shaping how they view their role and responsibilities in a global community. Through study abroad opportunities, client-based projects and interaction with business leaders, students build global business skills and learn to leverage these skills in the workplace.

International Business majors apply accounting, finance, marketing, economics and management knowledge to decision-making in a global environment. Topics covered include international markets, culture, social responsibility, communication and language proficiency – based on the student’s interest.

The curriculum provides students with the necessary business foundation to enter the corporate environment with a background in management, markets, customs and ethics in other countries.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements: The BBA in International Business requires 63-64 hours of major coursework.

General Education Requirements: All majors require 44 hours of general education that students complete over the course of four years, in addition to their major courses.

View and download the full degree plan for our International Business major (PDF).

A few examples of the International Business courses students take:

  • International Management – Examine the scope of managing organizations in an integrated and interdependent global economy, including markets, production, services, sourcing and intellectual capital.
  • International Trade and Finance – Study the theories of trade, the international monetary system and the financing of international trade and economic development – with issues unique to multinational business.
  • International Marketing – Explore the impact of foreign competition in domestic markets, as well as the challenges of penetrating foreign markets. Readings, cases and individual and group assignments are used.

Our Faculty and Student Support Services

Our International Business faculty members help students understand global business operations. With a focus on culture and corporate social responsibility, faculty teach key concepts in the context of real-world scenarios. Through assignments, case studies and even study abroad opportunities, students engage in hands-on learning and global projects.

Lorelei Ortiz

"Knowledge and training in international business are increasingly important for students who want to work abroad or work for U.S. organizations with a global presence. Our International Business major gives students the cultural fluency, adaptability and flexibility they need to navigate global business demands and provides opportunities for study abroad, internship abroad and foreign language proficiency."

Lorelei Ortiz, Management Department chair

Student Support Services

Along with personal attention and mentorship from their professors, our students have access to offices and programs outside of the classroom that support their success. We encourage students to take advantage of these resources that help them excel:

  • Writing Center consultation
  • Health and wellness counseling
  • Student disability support

Learn more about these services.

Outside the Classroom

Students in the International Business program take advantage of study abroad programs, internships – both local and global – and service to expand their international experience and perspective.

Study Abroad

St. Edward’s University offers more than 1,000 study abroad options in 90+ countries. Students can explore other cultures, discover more about themselves and gain a career advantage in the global market. Global learning opportunities are available through international partner universities, faculty-led field experiences, international internships and service learning.


International Business majors participate in internships with small and large organizations in nearly every market sector and industry. Through the experience, students clarify their career goals, learn valuable skills and build a list of professional contacts. Our International Business students intern at prominent organizations, including IBM, NXP Semiconductors and Kennedy Creative Events.

Student Organizations

Student clubs facilitate connections to business leaders and create a community students can join with like-minded peers. For example, the Association of Latino Professionals for America is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and leadership among various ethnic student communities and seeks to learn about careers in accounting, finance, marketing and related fields of business.

Service and Experiential Learning

Students in The Bill Munday School of Business support the university’s mission and Holy Cross heritage by giving back to the community, serving the needs of local businesses and non-profits. Many of our business courses, as well as the Business Living Learning Community, incorporate service and experiential learning into the curriculum.

Alumni Outcomes

International Business is a good fit for students who want to pursue careers working for global companies, international government, non-governmental agencies and trade organizations. To increase employment opportunities, many graduates pursue advanced degrees in related business disciplines, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, or a degree in international law. Job titles our graduates can take on include:

  • Startup founder
  • Founding team member
  • Product manager
  • Program manager
  • Business consultant
  • Sales representative

Christine Zenteno

Christine Zenteno ’09 changed her major to International Business during her first year after she wrote a paper about NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, for her Rhetoric course.

She supplemented classwork with management experience at H-E-B, a volunteer role at the Mexican Consulate General and a paid internship position in the Office of the Governor’s International Business section.

Through these experiences, Christine took away valuable skills in human resource, leadership and knowledge of private and public sector work – all of which serves her well in her current role as a human resources specialist in staffing, classification and organizational development with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Her advice to International Business students? "The journey can be a very confusing tangle that feels repetitive, stuck or even as if it is moving backward…" she said. "To make this work, you need to believe in yourself."

Read about other successful alumni, and see what they have to say about life after St. Edward’s.

International Business Minor

Students with the International Business minor better understand facets of the global economy and apply a global perspective to their field of interest.

Required Courses:

  • IBUS 3330 – International Management
  • IBUS 3336 – International Trade and Finance or IBUS 4346 – International Finance
  • IBUS 3399 – Special Topics (can be repeated)
  • IBUS 4341 – International Marketing
  • IBUS 4380 – International Business Administration

Up to 9 hours of the minor can be completed at international institutions.

Total Hours: 18

Are you a current student? Contact your advisor for next steps on declaring your major or minor.

Broaden Your Worldview

Broaden Your Worldview

Students at St. Edward’s live and learn in an environment that reflects the evolving global community. Through programs abroad, events on campus and classroom technology that can connect worldwide, students gain a global perspective that contributes to their success upon graduation.