Become an ethical leader in government, business and non-profit organizations.

Ethics and Leadership majors will learn:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Oral and written communication
  • Quantitative and analytical reasoning
  • Ethical analysis and civic knowledge

Students will learn ethical assessments of moral rights and obligations in such areas as law, medicine, business, technology, environmental policy and politics, while learning communication, economic, accounting, marketing, management, business administration and entrepreneurial skills.

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Jack Musselman
Center for Ethics and Leadership
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Why Study Ethics and Leadership

A Holy Cross liberal arts education should always be truly interdisciplinary, grounded in ethics and social responsibility, while aimed at educating the whole student for the ongoing challenges of life and career after college.

As such, the Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Leadership advances our University's Mission to help students to "understand and appreciate the contributions of other disciplines and prepare them to further their life goals." Ethics, communications, and business—including specialized training in ethics within different domains—help students “through training in critical and creative thinking as well as moral reasoning, to analyze problems, propose solutions and make responsible decisions.”

Thus, a Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Leadership provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to prepare to be moral leaders in today’s complex world pursuing graduate studies and careers in business, government and non-profit organizations.

When organizations like the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Association of American Colleges & Universities survey employers, outcome data routinely demonstrate that employers place at the top of their list of skills for new hires the very ones central to philosophy, communication, and business: critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication, quantitative and analytical reasoning, as well as civic knowledge. Ethics and Leadership will educate future professionals in the skills and practices employers always demand.

Degree Requirements

See the degree plan for the Ethics and Leadership major.

Meet the Faculty

Faculty teaching courses in the Ethics and Leadership major work in the Munday School of Business and also in the School of Arts and Humanities departments of Communication and Philosophy. The advisor for the major is Jack Musselman, who teaches in the Philosophy Department and is the Director of the Center for Ethics and Leadership. Contact Dr. Musselman by email at jackgm [at]