St. Edward's University provides its students the ability to establish a guest or proxy account allowing parents or other designees to view certain academic records. This account is established and maintained solely by the student. Students are encouraged to establish proxy accounts during their initial registration at St. Edward’s University but may do so at any time.

Once established, the account directs the institution to release selected academic records and may allow St. Edward’s University personnel to discuss issues related to the student’s academic performance. The release of this information is restricted to electronic format; no hard copy documents are provided. Additionally, the student can add or delete individuals from the account at any time; likewise, the student can close the account at any time.

Encourage your student to view the training video that instructs them how to grant parent/guest access.

Access Student Academic Records

Discover the parent resources available at St. Edward’s, see important dates and upcoming events, and get access to your student’s billing and payment information.