You’ve dreamed of changing students’ lives as a teacher. Develop the skills and experience you’ll need by earning a degree in Teacher Education.

Major Roadmaps

Major Roadmaps

Explore your options — classes, internships, research and study abroad. Find what interests you, discover what you love, and create a major experience that jumpstarts your future. 

EC-6 Certification Guide

English & Language Arts 4-8 Certification Guide

Math 4-8 Certification Guide

Choose a grade level for certification: Elementary (Early Childhood through Grade 6), Middle and High School (Grades 4-8 or 7-12), or All Levels (Early Childhood through Grade 12) for certain subjects. You’ll have the option of being certified in the following areas: Art, Bilingual Generalist, Chemistry, English Language Arts and Reading, ESL Generalist, Generalist, History, Life Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Studies, Spanish, Special Education and Theater Arts. 

For those seeking elementary teaching positions with certification, you’ll complete requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies – Early Childhood through Grade 6 and include a minor in Bilingual Education, Special Education or other content area, such as Mathematics or Science.

If you want to work with middle- or high-school students or teach all levels (Early Childhood through Grade 12), you will take both coursework in your subject area, such as History or English, and complete a minor in Teacher Education. 

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be prepared for the Teacher Certification Exam, administered by the State of Texas. 

You’ll learn best practices in courses that engage your head and your heart. Understand how to incorporate the latest educational technology, and prepare to work in culturally diverse schools with students who have a range of needs. You’ll learn from professors who have years of classroom experience and are invested in your success.

And you’ll get into the classroom long before you start your student teaching. With service learning and teaching experiences that gradually give you more and more responsibility, you’ll be prepared when it’s your time to lead.

What do our graduates do?

Teacher Education majors go on to teach in a variety of school districts in Texas and beyond. Here’s a sample.

  • Dual-language third-grade teacher at Kent Elementary near Seattle
  • High-school English teacher in the Austin Independent School District
  • Art educator at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin
  • Mathematics teacher at Savannah Elementary in Denton, Texas
  • Education program instructor at Walt Disney World
  • First-grade teacher at Casey Elementary School in Austin

Learning to Teach

Learning to Teach

Mathew Benoit ’10 didn’t come to St. Edward’s wanting to be a teaching but he left knowing it was what he meant to do. Read about how his experience on and off the hilltop prepared him to become a first grade teacher in Austin.