Improve teaching, learning and human development in an increasingly diverse global community.

Grounded in the St. Edward's tradition of scholarship, mentorship, community engagement and academic excellence, the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies includes the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture; Graduate Programs in Counseling, Educational Innovation, Applied Behavior Analysis, Leadership and Change, and Leadership & Higher Education. Our programs cultivate future educators, accomplished leaders, professional counselors, and empowered adult learners to their fullest potential.


Glenda Ballard

Glenda Ballard, Associate Vice President for Graduate and Professional Programs

At St. Edward’s University, we prepare you for life. Participating in classes, internships and practicums will provide you both a chance to grow and change, but, also, give you a chance to teach others to grow and change, as well. The expertise you will gain in your program will not only enhance your own life but will allow you to impact the lives of others.

We are a highly motivated and talented team of educators. We create open and constructive learning environments where students have the freedom to ask questions and form their own opinions about important issues. Students are encouraged to share and test findings in their communities as scholars and citizens. It is our greatest hope that our students graduate with inspired perspectives, motivated to make positive and significant changes in their communities and the lives of others.

Bil McHenry

Dr. Bill McHenry

Director of Graduate Programs

Lindsey Taucher

Lindsey Taucher, '94, LPC

Graduate Student Support Specialist

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Our Departments

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture

Students receive hands-on training to teach in culturally diverse environments. Teacher Education students choose their course of study and grade level that suits their interests. Discover more about various grade levels and content areas of study.

Graduate Programs

Graduate and Professional Studies is focused on supporting programs for certificate and graduate pathways. Currently, programs for students include Master of Arts in Counseling, Master of Education in Educational Innovation, Master of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis, and Master of Science in Leadership and Change. Additionally, the first Ed.D. in Leadership and Higher Education is available (begun in 2019). 

Office of Adult Continuing Studies

The Office of Adult Continuing Studies (OACS) assists the Adult Learner population at St. Edward's. With flexible scheduling options available, and our nationally recognized portfolio program, adult students create an academic experience that best meets their goals. This program is on a teach-out and will end in Summer 2021.