The Value of an Education in the Holy Cross Tradition

Our Holy Cross and Catholic heritage at St. Edward’s is a living tradition that challenges and inspires students to make a difference in their world.

Around the world, a St. Edward’s University education in the Holy Cross tradition stands for academic excellence, diversity, collaboration and service to others. We have always favored open dialogue, critical thinking and a belief that the strongest faith has been informed and challenged by daily experience.

Our students are destined to live in the business and problems of the world. So, they should not be made to live a type of life that they would have to abandon when they leave our institution. They should be trained in such a way that they may be everywhere what they were in school.

Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, CSC

About the Holy Cross Legacy

Early History

Learn how from its inception, the Congregation of Holy Cross under founder Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, CSC, (1799–1873) saw a need to take education, social awareness and spiritual resources beyond the borders of France.

Reflecting on a Holy Cross Education

The values, growth and worldview that stem from a Holy Cross education help shape individuals of compassion and purpose. Sydney Wade ’20 shares her views on her Holy Cross educational experience and her congratulations to the Brothers of Holy Cross on their 200th anniversary year.


Learn about the charisms that guide the lives and good work of Holy Cross brothers, sisters and priests in 15 countries on four continents ... and how they impact students at St. Edward's.

Father Edward Sorin, CSC

Learn why Father Edward Sorin, CSC, already known widely as the founder of the University of Notre Dame, came west following the U.S. Civil War to establish a second great educational institution on a new frontier.

Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward’s

St. Edward’s is home to the Holy Cross Institute, which unites and energizes Holy Cross educators around the country through leadership training. The institute fosters spiritual development, research, scholarship and transformative educational opportunities for students.