Become a Software Developer

Become a software developer in Austin Coding Academy at St. Edward’s University’s 9-month part-time in-person learning program led by a professional developer.

Employment of Software Developers is projected to grow 22% between 2019 and 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The average salary for a software developer is $107,510 (BLS 2019).


As a graduate from the Software Developer program at Austin Coding Academy at St. Edward’s University, you can expect to land a job in the tech industry working as a software developer. Your education will include building many real-world applications which will prepare you for a job at one of Austin’s fast-growing tech companies. You can depend on the mentorship of your instructor, the assistance of our career services team, and the collaborative support of your classmates. Nothing will stop you from achieving your dream career. 

Meet the Faculty

All of your instructors are currently working full-time in Software Development and are certified Austin Coding Academy instructors, approved by St. Edward’s University.. Your Campus Manager is there to support you throughout the program. Your recruitment specialist will be there to support you during your job search and assist you in landing your dream job. 

Program Structure

Here is a breakdown of our program and what you can expect on your path to becoming a Software Developer.

Web 101 - Intro to Web Development

In Web 101, we start you from the ground’ll learn HTML & CSS to help you build the foundation you need to understand the basics and segway into Javascript. You’ll build a portfolio site, cool landing pages, and even a browser-based game!

  • HTML5 + all new HTML5 APIs
  • CSS3 + Animations and Transitions
  • Version Control Software - Git
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Basics & DOM Manipulation
  • Input Control and Form Submissions

JS 211- JavaScript Language Basics

This is when we get into programming properly. Through vanilla JavaScript and Node.js, you’ll solve problems like a developer. How would you build an app to manage your dodgeball team’s roster and keep track of the players’ skill levels?

  • Immersion in Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Build Unit Testing + Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Master Callbacks and Functional Programming
  • Interact with remote APIs and manipulate data

JS 311- Back-End JavaScript

Databases, Authentication, and Hosting, Oh My! In this course you’ll learn all the back-end tools you need to build the behind-the-scenes functionality for web applications. Build projects that can Create, Read, Update, and Delete their data, using MySQL, Node.js, Express.js, and Google Cloud.

  • Shape your own SQL Database
  • Serve Express.js routes
  • Harness the power of Node.js
  • MVC - Model, View, Controller
  • Deploy your own Node Modules
  • Learn to host, deploy and manage your web applications

JS 411- Front-End JavaScript

React and Redux are the hotness in the industry. Created and maintained by Facebook, React.js is a library focused on beautiful user interfaces to display information from those robust databases and APIs you learned in previous courses. In this course you’ll also build your capstone project, showing off all the skills you have!

  • Build web apps with React
  • Maintain app state with Redux
  • Build production-grade apps with Webpack
  • Handle client-side routing
  • Expand your knowledge of Git
  • Deep-dive into HTTPS protocol

Job 501- Job Assistance Course

You’ve completed the full stack program and now have the skills of a Web Developer - let’s get you in your dream job! Our job assistance course helps you build an excellent portfolio and gain the confidence to impress at your interview!

  • Technical interview prep
  • White-boarding practice and feedback
  • Portfolio support
  • Resume building
  • Networking opportunities and strategies
  • Job-finding strategies


How to Apply

Apply to Austin Coding Academy at St. Edward’s University

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