The St. Edward’s University experience strives to prepare students to live purposeful and productive lives in a diverse society.

The Dean of Students Office is here to support and assist students while they grow and develop during their time at St. Edward’s. We do this by working with students to make sure they are benefiting from resources that assist them in their intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth. 

If you have a concern and want to report it and/or request follow up, please complete the Student of Concern/Conduct Form. By completing this form, you are initiating a response process. A staff member will look into the matter and may follow up with you.

If help is needed immediately, please call the University Police Department at (512) 448-8444.

Faculty and Staff Welfare Resources

The Dean of Students Office is committed to faculty and staff having the best resources to support students. Below are presentations that provide valuable information that could be used by community members when working with our diverse student population. Please call 512-448-8408 or email Connie Rey Rodriguez to schedule a presentation.

Distressed and Disruptive Student Behavior (DND)

The Dean of Students Office, in collaboration with the Health and Counseling Center, Student Disability Services, and the University Police Department, want all faculty and staff to be prepared to address students who may be distressed or disruptive. In this presentation you will learn about the resources we have in place for our students, best practices for handling these situations, and the processes on how to best support our students who may be struggling inside or outside of the classroom.

How to Support Students with Anxiety and Depression

The Dean of Students Office, in collaboration with the Health and Counseling Center and faculty, want to educate faculty and staff about their role in helping students who are exhibiting signs of anxiety and depression. In this presentation, you will gather a full understanding of what a student is experiencing and learn different ways to engage these students.

Red Folder Campaign

St. Edward’s University launched the Red Folder Campaign to serve as a reference guide and tool to help faculty and staff support students in distress. Distribution of the folders is often accompanied by a brief training from a team of staff members who consult on student welfare. Contact the Dean of Students Office to schedule training and/or receive hard copies of the Red Folder publication.  You can also download your copy here.

Student of Concerns Committee

The purpose of the Student of Concerns Committee (SCC) is to provide an administrative venue that is proactive in assessment, consultation and support regarding students who have elicited a concern or risk to themselves or a risk to others on campus. The SCC will advise involved parties with crisis management efforts through consultation, referrals and coordination. The goal of the SCC is to reduce crisis situations that negatively affect students and the general SEU community.

The SCC is chaired by the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Welfare with representatives from the following offices:

  • Academic Counseling and Exploration
  • Dean of Students
  • Health & Counseling Center
  • Residence Life
  • Student Disability Services