On becoming unstoppable

Whether you're a new freshman, transfer, graduate or adult student, you will find a passion for academic challenge, life-changing knowledge, global awareness and social justice among the students and faculty at St. Edward's University. 

I attribute the St. Edward's difference to our dedication to excellence, as well as our focus on education as a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment. This journey allows students to find out who they are and what talents they have, and who they can be and should be as moral and ethical leaders in their professional and civic communities. I also credit a strongly held belief, instilled long ago by the Congregation of Holy Cross, that by working together we achieve outcomes that surpass the reach of anyone pursuing a goal alone.

Study the achievements of St. Edward's University over the last 15 years and you will see this confidence and collaboration at work. In 2000 and 2010, it allowed us to set forth ambitious strategic plans that guided our visions for the school: to become known as one of the best small universities in the country, and to educate students for the opportunities and challenges of a 21st century world. Together, these goals fueled enrollment growth, campus expansion and academic innovation that garnered national acclaim for St. Edward’s, while extending the presence and impact of the university around the globe.

In 2015, we implemented a new three-year strategic plan with a bold vision: to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges presented by accelerating technological, economic and cultural changes, fostering in them moral clarity, global sensitivity, professional preparation and the lifelong benefits of a liberal arts education.

It would take a book to trace the more than 130-year-old success story of St. Edward’s. Allow me to share a few of the highlights and hallmarks of our ongoing transformation as we empower students to take on their world. I hope it will inspire you to add your spark to a fire that burns ever brighter.

St. Edward's University Highlights and Hallmarks


To guarantee a personalized education for our students in a challenging and inspiring academic environment, we attract dynamic teacher-scholars who prefer a smaller school that encourages teamwork across disciplines and ample time with each student. Our award-winning faculty members actively research, present and publish in their fields, and bring an international perspective to the classroom.

Student Quality

Since 1999, average freshman SAT scores have risen almost 90 points to 1122, and 58% of the 2015–2016 freshmen rank in the top quarter of their high school classes. High-achieving students and parents know the value of a private, liberal arts education that connects study across the arts, sciences and humanities with the knowledge and experience needed for professional success and a fulfilling life.

Student Success

Bolstered by self-discovery, sense of purpose and a worldview, our students earn prestigious Fulbright, McNair and Udall fellowships and pursue global academic and service challenges in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. They enroll in graduate programs at top institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Cornell and Cal-Berkeley. And they are hired by some of the world's best companies — IBM, MTV, Apple, Dell, Facebook and Google, to name a few.

Dynamic Hilltop Campus

Since 1999, St. Edward's has made more than $200 million in campus improvements. New residence halls, dining and recreation facilities, laboratories and classrooms reflect a confidence that the coming years will see St. Edward's and its students aim even higher. Recently completed in Fall 2013 are the second phase of our leading-edge natural sciences center and a new library and learning commons that connects students to information resources around the world.

Global Reach

As part of Strategic Priorities 2018, St. Edward’s continues to expand opportunities for international learning. We have a portal campus in Western France and partnerships with 23 universities in 17 countries, with plans for more partnerships in the year ahead. We've launched numerous global initiatives to support our goal of doubling the number of students who study abroad. Meanwhile, the Austin campus environment is becoming more global as we enhance our international programs and curriculum. Our international enrollment includes students from 58 countries, more exchange students are studying on the hilltop, and more international faculty and staff are joining our community.

See how students at St. Edward's are expanding their worldview — in the classroom, on campus and abroad.