A generous fellowship for undergraduate or graduate research.

The Dr. Allan W. Hook Endowed Wild Basin Creative Research Fund is a generous fellowship that provides funding for student projects at Wild Basin or other lands in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve system. Hook Fellows' projects can be research-based or creative endeavors, and they can be grounded in any major at any college or university. Recent Hook Fellows have investigated new technologies for censusing deer, researched microbial communities in the streams and soils of Wild Basin, and created nature-based art installations.


Check out this video from Justin Stewart, a former Hook Fellow now doing graduate studies abroad. His research on soil microbial communities at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve was published in the FEMS Microbiology Letters Journal (Oxford University Press, February 2021).

Figure 2 - Graph

Research data (above) submitted by 2020 Hook Fellow and St. Edward’s student Edere Ohwobete shows noise levels (in decibels) at multiple locations within the preserve, and demonstrates that golden-cheeked warbler territories are located in areas with lower noise levels.

Learn more and apply for a Hook Fellowship (2024 deadlines coming soon).

The application period for the Hook Endowed Wild Basin Creative Research Fund has concluded for 2023. Fellowships up to $5,000 per student are offered for research at Wild Basin or other areas of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Application deadlines for 2024 will be announced soon. Although some elements may change, the guidelines from 2023 are below:

Applicants may be from any accredited college or university.

** We will host two workshops to help with application preparation **

An overview of research projects by Hook Fellows.