Important Notice

As of October 2021, the Middle School (grades 4-8) certification route will be closed in the fall of 2022 for new or transfer students. Current students who are already enrolled in the 4-8 ELAR, Social Studies, or Mathematics pathways will be supported to finish their degrees successfully. For more information, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Leslie Loughmiller at

Guide Students to a Positive Future

Earning a secondary school teaching certificate allows you to make a difference in students lives at the critical transition from childhood to the responsibilities of young adult life.

Teaching 7-12 grade

A high school teaching certification allows you to teach grades 7 through 12. High school teachers play an instrumental role in shaping students' lives as they mature and consider options for after graduation. This program prepares prospective high school teachers to educate and guide students toward college and other endeavors as they prepare to navigate "the real world."

To obtain a High School teaching certification, you must major in one of the following disciplines and complete the appropriate secondary teaching licensure exams.