1. Students must complete the St. Edward's University registration process by the Wednesday before the desired testing date. 
    • Registration is not assured until the student receives confirmation from the Testing Coordinator. 
  2. Students must also create an account, register, and pre-pay the CLEP test fee for the test the student is taking.
  3. Students taking the DSST, will register and pay the test fee on the day of the test in the testing room.
  4. All students testing will pay the $35 administration fee at the Testing Center on the day of the exam. 
  5. NO walk-in testing is permitted.
  6. Students must arrived within 30 minutes of the test start time (2:00 pm) to begin the test. Students who fail to show on time must repeat the entire registration process.
  7. It is the examinee's responsibility to speak with his/her advisor about what credit will be given for specific tests. The Academic Support Programs office does not provide advising information.
  8. Reference books, notes, study guides, calculators, cell phones, and smart watches are not permitted during test administration. All cell phones must be turned off during the testing session and all personal belongings are placed away from the computers being used for testing.

Testing Accommodations Policy

Please indicate on the St. Edward's CLEP/DSST Reservation Request form that you are requesting accommodations based on a disability and indicate which testing accommodations you are requesting. Student Disability Services coordinates with the CLEP/DSST Testing Administrator for all accommodation requests. Please note that accommodation requests for CLEP exams require notice of at least one week, and your exam date may need to be rescheduled depending on accommodation determination and implementation. Accommodation requests for DSST exams require at least 30 days notice to coordinate. 

  • CLEP Exams: The College Board requires documentation of a disability to provide testing accommodations. The CLEP/DSST Testing Administrator will reach out to Student Disability Services to verify your registration with SDS and if you are currently approved for your requested accommodations at St. Edward's. Certain accommodation requests may require further review by Student Disability Services, which may require rescheduling of your exam date. The Testing Administrator will reach out to you via email to indicate the status of your request and any further information and coordination that is needed. 
  • DSST Exams: All requests for accommodations for the DSST exam are made through Prometric. You will need to fill this form out prior to the exam, which includes a section that must be filled out by your Student Disability Services disability counselor or another qualified professional. Once the form is complete, it needs to be faxed to Prometric at least 30 days before your desired testing date. If you need assistance faxing the document, please email us at clep@stedwards.edu.

Active/Reserve Military and Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Policy

Military personnel follow the same process for registration as civilian students.

The College Board may waive some of their fees for military and Department of Defense personnel. See the CLEP Military Testing Policy here.