Develop business savvy to accelerate your career

The BBA degree program in Business Administration provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience required for successful careers as business professionals.

The Business Administration degree is broad-based, encompassing an entire organization, how it fits into the market and what external forces may affect its success. This degree develops students' abilities to plan, solve problems and lead with confidence and prepares graduates for career readiness.

With an emphasis on leadership, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, communication, teamwork, networking and building a personal brand, this program empowers students to become confident and capable professionals across multiple business environments and industries.

Students who complete a bachelor's degree in Business Administration can apply for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after acquiring at least two years of work experience.

Learning Goals

Students who complete a BBA in Business Administration will be able to:
  • Define, analyze and evaluate decisions through an integrated analysis by using tools found in the major disciplines in the fields of business
  • Devise solutions for a variety of business problems and issues by using critical and creative thinking strategies
  • Effectively use a variety of communication tools
  • Develop and refine both leadership and collaborative skills
  • Develop an understanding of the functional skills of financial reporting, analysis, and markets; domestic and global economic environments of organizations; creation and distribution of goods and services; and human behavior in organizations
  • Gain a perspective of ethical and global business issues
  • Make business decisions after considering the influence of political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental, and technological forces
  • Manage the impact of demographic diversity on organizations


Graduates who earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration are qualified for challenging careers in a wide variety of jobs. Many jobs for Business Administration graduates are management positions. From major corporations to independent businesses and government or non-profit entities, every organization needs skilled administrators.

Graduates are trained to manage businesses on both a holistic level and day-to-day basis, looking at both immediate needs and long-term future plans. Business students with a liberal arts education benefit from having a strong foundation in communication, combined with critical thinking skills and values-based decision making.

Business students find careers in a variety of fields, including:
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Product development
  • IT management
  • Business analysis
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Operations management

Outside the Classroom


Business Administration majors gain professional experience through internships with small and large organizations in nearly every market sector and industry.

Students are required to complete an internship. Through the internship experience, students learn valuable on-the-job skills, experience daily life for a specific role, and make valuable connections in the business community.

Employers frequently provide positive feedback for their interns from St. Edward's University, noting the impressive insights our Business students provide. They value the perspectives of younger, tech-savvy interns, especially when their organization has a younger target market. Our students are able to learn from the wisdom of their mentors, while also providing insights that help companies connect with younger audiences and what drives their behavior.

Meet the Faculty

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree will learn from academically and professionally qualified faculty whose broad range of business experience informs their teaching and provides a balance between theory and practice. The faculty utilizes applied and experiential learning projects that encourage students to employ their abilities to diagnose, analyze, and implement solutions to real-world, complex business problems as they consult with organizations in the Austin area, work on group case analyses, and engage in internships.

About the Minor

Students can minor in Business Administration to enhance their résumé with additional valuable knowledge and skill sets. Many students find the addition of a business minor is extremely helpful when marketing themselves to employers. Regardless of your choice of employer, chances are, you will be working in some type of business. Students who couple the knowledge of how a business works with another area of expertise should have more job opportunities. This can give students an advantage when applying for highly sought-after positions in competitive job markets.