Igniting ingenuity and entrepreneurial thinking in today’s tech-savvy student

The Department of Marketing, Operations and Analytics prepares students for the digital and technical demands of a 21st century business landscape.

Students completing the Marketing, Entrepreneurship or Digital Media Management degree programs or the Digital Marketing minor are challenged with enhanced curricula in line with current employer needs.

In addition to studying finance, accounting, economics and management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Management students perform marketing analyses and create original content. They receive specific training in relevant tools and technologies, including social media management, website design, search marketing, email campaigns and mobile marketing.

The combination of learning strategic marketing concepts with digital technology and analytics makes the St. Edward’s University student well-prepared for a variety of roles. Graduates can work with local, national and international organizations in fields such as website design and optimization, search engine marketing and content creation, as well as traditional roles in brand management, product development, customer relations, market research, strategic planning and advertising.

The Art of Networking Online

Debra Zahay-Blatz, professor of Marketing, helps students bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world skills they’ll need as digital marketing professionals.

Program Benefits

Through offered courses, students can receive certifications and experience in the latest marketing technologies, including Hootsuite for social media marketing, HubSpot Inbound and Google AdWords for digital marketing, Google Analytics for marketing metrics, and Salesforce for sales and relationship marketing.

Many graduates pursue advanced degrees, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), to continue their education and focus on entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and business management.

The department now offers a Digital Marketing minor, available to all St. Edward’s University students. The minor provides students from a variety of disciplines the ability to gain analytical expertise, practice with specific channels and experience in digital marketing.

Students work alongside experienced faculty mentors to put their knowledge to practice in Austin’s thriving start-up scene. Many gain leads to internships, volunteer opportunities and full-time job offers through faculty connections.

Students may choose from the following degrees:

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