Find meaning in the study of religion

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Religious and Theological Studies investigate the meaning and purpose of life in religious traditions. Through critical inquiry, research and in-depth discussions, you’ll explore the history, thought and ongoing development of global religions with attention also to Christian theology. 

St. Edward's is the perfect place to immerse yourself in religious and theological studies. On a holistic level, St. Edward's as a university expresses its Catholic identity by communicating the dignity of the human person as created in the image of God, by stressing the obligation of all people to pursue a more just world. The university also provides opportunities for religious studies and participation in campus ministry. It's an environment in which freely chosen beliefs can be deepened and expressed.

Through the Religious and Theological Studies program, you will examine and evaluate diverse cultures, current affairs, and the local and global impact of different belief systems. Core courses provide a solid foundation and are complemented by courses in particular areas of interest; for example, world religions, systematic theology, biblical studies, or other areas within the discipline. Students collaborate with professors to design a program that best matches the student's interest and needs, preparing themselves for graduate school, non-profit opportunities, teaching, ministry and a variety of professional roles.


Many students select this degree to prepare for graduate school, nonprofit work, ministry, and other professional roles.

For example, with a Bachelor of Religious and Theological Studies, you can become:

  • An editor 
  • A program coordinator for a church
  • A fundraiser for a faith-related nonprofit
  • A teacher within a church-based elementary or secondary school

Graduates of this program often pursue advanced degrees. Many have become college professors, ministers, social workers, doctors and lawyers. Students graduating from St. Edward's have attended leading graduate schools, such as Notre Dame, Yale, Duke and Harvard. Of the students who have pursued graduate studies after their time at St. Edward’s, 100% have been accepted into graduate programs.

Outside the Classroom

Students will have a variety of opportunities to engage outside the classroom, augmenting their experience in the program.

Some examples include:
  • Participate in a service trip to another country
  • Go on an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip
  • Become a social justice peer minister
  • Work with Campus Ministry
  • Participate in missionary projects
  • Study abroad

Attend The Red Bench

The Red Bench is a dialogue program centered on moderated small group discussions designed to be respectful, safe, and engaging. No one is expected to be an expert on the topics, but all are invited to share from their personal experiences and listen with their hearts. Campus Ministry partners with iACT (Interfaith Action of Central Campus) to bring this program to campus.

Faith, Hope, and Lunch

At this speaker series, students enjoy a free lunch while engaging in conversation with speakers who share their own experiences of living out their faith as adults beyond college.

About the Minor

Students who wish to earn a Religious and Theological Studies minor must take the following coursework, totaling 19 hours.

Required Courses
  • Methods in Religious Studies
Choose one of the three following courses:
  • Intro to Religions of the World
  • Basic Christian Questions
  • Intro to Catholicism
Choose one of the two following courses:
  • Intro to the Hebrew Bible
  • Intro to the New Testament
Choose one of the two following courses:
  • History of Christian Theology I
  • History of Christian Theology II


Students must take one 2000-level course and two 3000-level courses.

For more information about applicable coursework, please consult the undergraduate bulletin.

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