Wild Basin is open for hiking every day. 

The preserve offers almost three miles of beautiful trails for hiking. On weekdays, there is no day use fee and no reservations are required. To visit on weekends and holidays, reservations are required and a nominal day use fee is charged. Designated trails are open to the public every day from sunrise to sunset.

Parking is limited, and the entrance gate will close whenever the parking area is full. The Visitor Gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  An outdoor restroom facility is located in the parking lot.

Wild Basin is a nature preserve, where everything is protected. Please stay on the trails and follow The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace during your visit. Pets, bikes, smoking/fire, weapons, drones, picnics, and collecting are prohibited. 

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is located at 805 N. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX, 78746



Hiking in Wild Basin

Book a reservation for weekends and holidays. 

If you want to visit Wild Basin on a weekend or federal holiday, you’ll need to reserve a hiking pass, which is good for up to 3 hours. Simply book online, or call (512) 327-7622 to learn more and make your reservation.

Reserve a Hiking Pass



Self-guided hiking from sunrise to sunset.

No guided hikes or in-person programs are offered at this time. The preserve is open for self-guided hiking every day from sunrise to sunset, with reservations required for weekends and federal holidays. 

Be prepared for rugged Hill Country terrain and varying weather conditions. Bring water to carry with you on the trail, and you may also want to bring this Wild Basin trail map

Trail Guide



Visitor Center

Wild Basin Visitor Gallery. 

Our Visitor Gallery, located on the ground floor of the Creative Research Center, is open weekdays between 8am and 3pm. The Gallery hosts a number of educational and engaging interactive exhibits. The Center has public restrooms, a water cooler, and other amenities available to visitors.