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The Modern Pilgrim

See what one of our Honors students is doing. Follow Hannah Thornby on a journey through walking and writing the El Camino de Santiago.

As a member of the St. Edward’s University Honors Program, you’ll join an inquisitive group who shares a curiosity, ambition, and desire to be challenged academically and personally. 

Discover the opportunities the Honors Program, St. Edward’s University, and Austin can open up for you. Learn about the Honors Program Living Learning Community for first-year students, the challenging courses, and exclusive opportunities for research and travel.

Admission to the Honors Program is by invitation. If you're a prospective student interested in joining, we encourage you to talk with our admission counselor for the Honors Program.  If you're a current St. Edward's student interested in joining, please contact the director of the Honors Program.

"The Honors Program at St. Edward’s University empowers high-achieving and curious students to create a community of learning, explore enduring questions, and engage in research and creative scholarship."  - Honors Program Mission Statement

Questions? Contact the Honors Program director ewoelk [at] stedwards.edu (Emma Woelk, PhD).

Inspiring Better Citizens

Inspiring Better Citizens

How can professors arm their students with the knowledge to be better citizens? Read about how Professor of Accounting Louise Single developed an Honors course where students helped fill out tax-return forms for low-income families.