Explore the Honors Program at St. Edward's University

The Honors Experience

In the Honors Program you'll live within a small community of your peers and take classes specifically designed to inspire our most creative, intellectually-minded students. Honors is not designed to separate you from fellow students outside the program—you will remain part of the vibrant St. Edward’s student body, and take classes both within and outside of Honors.

Discover the opportunities the Honors Program, St. Edward’s University, and Austin can open up for you. 

  • Engaging small-group seminar discussions
  • Team-taught courses bringing together professors across disciplines
  • Independent, original research through the Honors Senior Thesis
  • Opportunities for travel, experiential learning and internships

"The Honors Program at St. Edward’s University empowers high-achieving and curious students to create a community of learning, explore enduring questions, and engage in research and creative scholarship."  - Honors Program Mission Statement

Paths into Honors

There are two paths to joining the Honors Program at St. Edward's. 

Invitation: You may qualify for automatic Honors admission based on the qualitative academic strength of your application. Typical Honors students at St. Edward’s demonstrate deep intellectual curiosity in addition to a strong academic record. Our admission counselors take a holistic approach to the Honors admission process.

If you are invited to Honors, you will be informed in your official acceptance letter to St. Edward’s and by email. 

Apply for admission by January 15th for priority consideration.

How do I join Honors at SEU after I'm selected?

1. Submit your Enrollment Deposit

2. Submit the Honors Program Survey. We will email you the survey after you submit the enrollment deposit.

3. Register for your room in the Honors Cohort in Dujarie Hall. We'll send you instructions on how to select your room. 

4. Select your Honors courses during orientation with your success coach 

Application: Follow these application instructions if you have been accepted as a student to St. Edward's and would like to be considered for the Honors Program.

Students who have begun their studies at St. Edward's may apply during their freshman year. Please contact the director for further information.

Living in the Honors LLC

Freshman students will live in the Honors Living Learning Community, in Dujarie Hall. Once you decide to participate in the program, you may select your room and roommate in the LLC.

Space in the Honors LLC is limited, and your invitation is not a guarantee of your participation. Program spaces are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to students who accept their invitation and register for housing. 

If you are invited to Honors, but are unable to live in the Honors LLC due to conflicting requirements or other housing needs, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Questions? Contact the Honors Program director Emma Woelk, PhD.