As a member of the St. Edward’s Honors Program, you’ll join a group of bright, inquisitive minds in pursuing a meaningful, intellectually stimulating life.

Though students in the Honors Program come from all schools and majors, they share curiosity, ambition and a desire to be challenged, academically and personally. 

For the first three years, Honors students take one or two small discussion seminars each semester. Many of these courses are co-taught by faculty teams across disciplines, giving students the opportunity to consider complex topics from varied perspectives. In all classes, students work closely with highly accomplished professors and learn in intimate environments where dynamic conversations flourish. What students explore inside and outside the classroom gives them a valuable skillset, introduces them to new ideas, and influences their future personal and professional paths.

Honors students spend their senior year engaged in independent research and the creation of an Honors Senior Thesis. These final projects reflect a student’s individual passions and are completed with the support of an experienced, dedicated faculty mentor. Many students begin their research during the summer before their senior year, and in some cases students receive funding through exclusive fellowships and grants available only to Honors students.

Past thesis projects include varied creative work such as graphic novels, plays and fashion designs. Research projects have covered Gothic architecture, gentrification and art in Harlem and East Austin, and educational models for street children in South Africa. The thesis is presented publicly during the biannual Honors Symposium, making it excellent preparation for graduate school and future careers.


Q. How will the Honors program fit into the rest of my academic plan?

A. The Honors seminars you'll take satisfy requirements in the liberal arts core curriculum (required of all students at St. Edward’s) as well as your major. Being part of the program still allows you to take the courses traditional students take in your major, and you’ll take the same number of classes other students do.

Q. Can students of any major be part of the Honors Program?

A. Yes, students of any major can take part in the program. The diversity of students within the Honors Program provides opportunities to learn from other disciplines.

Q. Why was I selected for admission to the program?

A. Qualified students are identified by their admission counselor during the application process. Factors taken into account include high school performance and rigor of curriculum, SAT and ACT scores, quality of writing, and demonstrated academic curiosity. Ideal students are actively engaged in learning and will thrive in an academically rigorous environment.

Q. How many freshmen are accepted?

A. Fewer than 10% of each freshman class is accepted to the program.

Q. What if I am not accepted to the Honors Program in my freshman year?

A. The Honors Program admits a limited number of incoming freshmen. If you were not accepted to the program for your freshman year, you may be eligible to apply to begin the program as a sophomore. Please contact Dr. Steve Rodenborn, the program’s director, during your freshman year to inquire about available spaces.

Q. Can I take part in a Living Learning Community (LLC) as an Honors student?

A. All freshman Honors students live together as a cohort in the Honors Living Learning Community, which is open only to Honors Program members. Through this community, classmates become lifelong friends, and passionate discourse continues from the classroom into the residence hall. Members engage in group service activities, extracurricular activities and mentorship opportunities with faculty members. Students live in Dujarié Hall, one of the most popular and sought-after residence halls on campus. Honors students who commute are included in Honors Living Learning Community coursework and co-curricular events.

Learn about the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) 

Multilingual Scholarship

An International Business major, and bilingual in English and Spanish, Sofia Martinez ’13 honed her French during her study abroad experience in Angers, France. She returned to Angers for a second semester and obtained a communication internship with the French delegation. She also volunteered at the English-Language Library in Angers, assisting high school students with their English. With a 4.0 GPA, Sofia steadfastly held a place in the Honors Program. She is a recipient of the Holy Cross Scholarship and the Notre Dame University Summer Semester Scholarship.