Understand marketing in a digital world and obtain industry-recognized certifications that lead to digital marketing jobs

Students in the Digital Marketing minor gain both technical and analytical skills in digital marketing courses that prepare them for a variety of marketing and digital media roles in the 21st century business ecosystem.

Available to students from all majors at the university, the Digital Marketing minor provides skills applicable to students with a wide range of career interests and abilities. Courses in the minor focus on social media marketing, content creation, web design, marketing analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) – tools that marketing professionals use daily.

These courses are taught in the context of digital marketing strategy. While they are technology-driven, the courses provide a sound foundation in marketing planning and key concepts, such as segmentation and buyer behavior.

As experts in digital marketing, marketing metrics and statistical techniques, our faculty emphasize hands-on learning and focus on teaching relevant tools. Students can receive certifications and experience in the latest marketing technologies, including but not limited to:

  • Hootsuite for social media marketing
  • HubSpot Inbound and Google Ads for digital marketing
  • Google Analytics for marketing metrics
  • Salesforce for sales and relationship marketing

Many graduates have gone on to work with local, national and international organizations in fields such as website design and optimization, search engine marketing and content creation.

Leading the Way

It is estimated that 70% of all marketing spend will be in digital marketing in the next few years. St. Edward’s University is one of the few universities in the country offering a Digital Marketing minor – and the only one in central Texas. Students can take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain skills and certifications that employers are actively seeking.

In addition, salaries in marketing have increased dramatically over the past few years, with digital marketing salaries leading the way. Students prepared in this area have an excellent chance of obtaining meaningful and rewarding employment.

Degree Requirements

With courses such as Digital Marketing and Analytics, graduates with this minor enter the workforce able to understand and use the latest digital marketing technologies to create firm growth. Curricula emphasizes experiential learning and project-based assignments.

For example, students in the Marketing Research course perform data analysis using a statistical package, and students in the Social Media Marketing course create a social media marketing plan for a real-life client and become certified in a social media management tool.

Required Courses:

  • MKTG 2301 – Principles of Marketing
  • BUSI 2305 – Business Statistics
  • MKTG 3343 – Marketing Research
  • MKTG 4342 – Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • MKTG 4344 – Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • MKTG 3335 – Social Media Marketing

Electives (Choose 1):

  • MKTG 3332 – Sales and Relationship Management
  • MKTG 3333 – Principles of Retailing and Ecommerce
  • MKTG 3336 – Buyer Behavior
  • COMM 2305 – Visual Communication
  • COMM 2359 – Video Production and Editing
  • ENGW 2329 – Document Design
  • JOUR 2314 – Interactive Media Production and Design (Photoshop)
  • BDMM 3344 – Interactive Technology I
  • BDMM 4330 – Digital Media and the Law

Total Hours: 21

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Outside the Classroom

Opportunities abound for students in the Digital Marketing minor to engage with the Austin tech community, build connections with Marketing students and gain direct experience creating digital campaigns. These extracurricular activities help bolster their resumes and grow their networks. Students work to create social media plans for local companies, and they plan, implement and measure a paid search campaign for a firm or non-profit of their choice.

Student Organizations

Both the Hilltop American Marketing Association and the Student Entrepreneurship Club encourage participation from all students at St. Edward’s University. These organizations host panels, speaking engagements and networking events that help bridge the gap between student life and professional life.

National Conferences

Students can also apply to attend national marketing conferences, where they can explore career options, hear from experts in the field, attend presentations and meet students and professionals with similar interests. In April 2018, eight students from the Hilltop American Marketing Association group attended the American Marketing Association’s 40th annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans.

Each summer, Marketing EDGE hosts a Collegiate Summit in New York City for undergraduates to gain industry insights and discover data-driven and interactive marketing careers. Several St. Edward’s University students apply and attend this conference, often with the support of faculty-offered scholarships.

Distinguished Marketer Speaker Series

The Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department hosts a prominent marketing professional each fall and spring to share insights on a relevant topic in the field. In fall 2018, the department will host Jeff Miner, brand strategist at Google’s BrandLabs in New York City, for a discussion on “Marketing in the Age of Distraction,” along with a professional from the Direct Selling Education Foundation who will address “Mobilizing Your Sales Force for Social Justice.”

Meet the Faculty

Our faculty bring digital marketing expertise and a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. They are passionate about connecting and cultivating lifelong learners, and many are involved with business communities and professional organizations that students can leverage as they pursue internships or full-time employment. Here is their take on what students can gain from adding a Digital Marketing minor to their degree plan:

"We strive to provide relevant education in digital marketing that allows students to further their development by obtaining internships and jobs upon graduation."

– Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz, professor of Marketing and chair of the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

Juli James

"The courses I teach focus on developing hands-on skills in terms of web design and the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as certifications in the latest customer relationship management tools."

– Dr. Juli James, assistant professor of Marketing

Wes Pollitte

"Our goal in analytics is to help students understand the mathematical side of marketing, not only in terms of statistical applications and web analytics, but also other marketing metrics."

– Dr. Wes Pollitte, assistant professor of Marketing

Monica Hernandez

"In our social media marketing classes, we aim to provide students with hands-on knowledge of the major social media platforms to use in both personal branding and to help create strategies for both non-profit and profit-oriented firms."

– Dr. Monica Hernandez, associate professor of Marketing


The evolution of digital media has changed the traditional roles of marketing and public relations. Students with this minor are well-equipped to contribute in any business, whether a small startup or a multinational corporation.