Valuable private education

Founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, St. Edward's has provided access to quality private education and highly valued college degrees for more than 125 years.

Once you've been accepted for admission, you will be assigned a financial advisor who will work with you throughout your graduate education. Prior to admission, contact your admission counselor for answers to your questions.

Tuition & Fees (Estimated Costs)

  Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Fall 2018
(per credit hour)
$1,467 $1,467 $1,540
Technology Fee: (estimated) - - -
- For 12 or more registered hours $250 $250 $250
- For fewer than 12 registered hours $75 $75 $75
Car Permit
(per academic year)
$166 (prorated) - $275
MSEM: Costa Rica 
(mid-May to mid-June, first year)

*Estimated and does not include airfare or personal expenses.


Application and Related Fees

Application Fee $50
Enrollment Deposit $150
Monthly Payment Plan Fee
(per semester)