We're different than the rest. (And so are you.)

No other school is the same as St. Edward's — just as no other student is quite the same as you. And that's precisely why we hope for a chance to get to know you. Not as a numbered application (though you'll have to turn in one of those!) but as a living, breathing, thinking person. 

At St. Edward's, you’ll learn from professors (not TAs) and partner with them to conduct research ... as an undergraduate. You’ll join in small group conversations about big topics to take on your world. You’ll be part of a welcoming Catholic, Holy Cross community.

Plus, there’s nowhere else quite like our hometown, one of the best locations of any university in the nation — Austin, Texas. 

Where to start:


6 Tips for Your College Search

6 Tips for Your College Search

Searching for schools and applying can be a lot to handle at once. Use these six tips from St. Edward's students to better organize your time and thoughts as you start the process of applying to universities.