For more information about the Visual Studies minor:

For more information about the Visual Studies minor:

Contact Dr. Mary Brantl, Associate Professor of Art History


We support students in their efforts to situate themselves within a complex, interdisciplinary and technologically mediated world.

Studies have shown that creativity and an aptitude for problem solving are top skills looked for amongst college graduates in all types of career fields. Responding to the role of visual expression in contemporary society and an increased focus on creativity in the workplace, the Visual Studies minor provides a forum to explore visual communication, problem solving, and expression across a wide range of processes and approaches.

We live in a contemporary world of social media and visual messaging impacting career and life paths far beyond the traditional arts. Students, regardless of their major interests or potential career directions, will benefit from working with various media and modes of visual art and design—as well as in consciously confronting how such visual expression is both a reflection of and an active participant in its social context. Students are encouraged to explore their creative side through a wide sampling of creative courses from the various disciplines that make up the Visual Studies program.

Required Courses

Students who wish to earn a Visual Studies minor must take the following coursework, totaling 18 hours, with at least 9 hours of upper-division coursework. This includes these required courses:  

Required courses:

  • Visual Studies I
  • Topics in Art History (ARTS 3349)

Choose six hours:

  • Foundation Art & Design
  • Analog Photography I
  • Typography I

Take six hours (themes must vary):

  • Visual Studies Minor Studio
  • Topics in Visual Studies

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