You want scholarships. We’ve got scholarships.

Before you make a decision based on cost, check out the academic scholarships we offer new freshmen — from $7,000 to $20,000 annually.

In 2016–2017, 63% of freshmen received merit-based scholarships, and the average freshman received $26,946 in scholarships and grants. We’ll automatically consider you for merit-based scholarships when you apply to St. Edward’s. No additional application required.

A nationally ranked, private education from St. Edward’s will inspire you and teach you to find your best possible future. It’s an investment in yourself that opens doors of opportunity — and keeps them open. 

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships do not require an additional application beyond the application for admission. Students who receive athletic scholarships may not be eligible for all of the scholarships and grants listed below. Students should submit an admission application by Feb. 1 in order to be considered for academic scholarships.

Please note: In March 2016, the College Board launched a new, redesigned SAT. For Fall 2017 applicants, St. Edward’s will accept scores for both the old SAT (taken prior to March 2016) and the new SAT. For students who submit scores for a test taken March 2016 or later, we will use the SAT Score Converter to convert a student’s new SAT score to the old score for our admission and academic scholarship decisions.

See FAQs, Deadlines and Policy Information

President’s Excellence Scholarship

$20,000 Annually

Guaranteed for top 15% of senior class with combined SAT score 1300 or higher (old SAT) or 1360 or higher (new SAT)*, or ACT score 29 or higher.


President’s Merit Scholarship

$18,000 Annually

Guaranteed for top 20% of senior class with combined SAT score 1200 or higher (old SAT) or 1270 or higher (new SAT)*, or ACT score 27 or higher.


Dean’s Excellence Scholarship

$15,000 Annually

Guaranteed for top 20% of senior class with combined SAT score 1100 or higher (old SAT) or 1170 or higher (new SAT)*, or ACT score 24 or higher.

Edwardian Scholarship

Additional $2,000–$3,000 Annually

U.S. citizens residing outside of Texas who qualify for academic scholarships of $15,000 or more also qualify for this additional award. Holy Cross high school graduates who meet these academic qualifications will receive the Sorin Award and are not eligible for the Edwardian Scholarship.

Additional Academic Scholarships

 $7,000–$20,000 Annually

If you don’t qualify for one of our guaranteed scholarships, you will still be evaluated for an academic scholarship. Priority is given to students with these qualifications: top 25% senior class; combined SAT score 1100 or higher (old SAT) or 1170 or higher (new SAT)*, or ACT score 24 or higher; high school grades/GPA and curriculum.

*Combined Critical Reading + Math or combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math

Specialty Scholarships

If you don't qualify for one of our academic scholarships, you may still be considered for one of the following.

Sorin Award

Up to $10,000 Annually

Must graduate from a Holy Cross high school and meet the February 1 priority deadline


Moreau Scholarship

Full tuition for the freshman year, plus the amount equal to freshman year tuition in subsequent years.

Must graduate from a Holy Cross high school; top 10% of senior class; combined SAT score 1250 or higher (old SAT) or 1310 or higher (new SAT), or ACT score 28 or higher; significant leadership and community service. Requires a separate application, which must be received with application for admission by Feb. 1. You can access the Moreau Scholarship application here.


Additional Scholarships

Theater Arts Scholarships

$1,000–$5,000 Annually

Must be a Theater Arts major, maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, and audition in one of four areas (General Theater, Acting, Theater Design and Technology, or Theater Management). Requires separate application and audition, which is held on campus in February.

ROTC Scholarships


St. Edward’s University students participate in Air Force and Army ROTC through The University of Texas at Austin. Interested students should contact the University of Texas Air Force ROTC program at 512-471-1776 or the Army ROTC program at 512-471-5919.

Varsity Athletics Scholarships


Coaches award scholarships to men and women to compete in NCAA Division II athletics in baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball (women only), cross country, tennis, soccer, golf and cheerleading. Contact the athletics department at 512-448-8448 for more information. St. Edward's University received eight rankings for student athletes from College Factual.