Class at Wild Basin

Teach the best version of your course at Wild Basin.

Wild Basin Creative Research Center is now offering a course development stipend to St. Edward’s faculty. The stipend is available for the summer months and supports faculty in developing a course to be taught in some part at Wild Basin. 

The course may be in any discipline, such as science, arts, or business. For instance, potential courses might cover subjects such as the use of AI in wildlife conservation, the role of nature in literature, or the economics of ecology.

To learn more about this opportunity and to apply for a course development stipend, email us.

Student researcher

Resources to support you in supporting your students. 

The Dr. Allan W. Hook Endowed Wild Basin Creative Research Fund is a generous fellowship that provides funding for student projects at Wild Basin or other lands in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve system. Hook Fellows' projects can be research-based or creative endeavors, and they can be grounded in any discipline.

Faculty members who supervise Hook Fellows over a period of 10 weeks will receive a stipend. 

Other resources offered by Wild Basin Creative Research Center include internships for St. Edward's students and support for Capstone projects. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about available internships, and email us to learn more about opportunities to collaborate on Capstone projects.