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St. Edward’s University has an amazing story to tell. And we love sharing it. 

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The Marketing Office takes pride in communicating our brand to audiences near and far: prospective and current students, alumni, parents, donors, faculty and staff, media, and partner universities. We welcome teaming up with schools and offices across the hilltop to produce strategic marketing and communications initiatives that are driven by research and data. We’re all about getting results and being a champion of the St. Edward’s brand.

The Power of Our Brand
The St. Edward’s University brand embodies who we are and who people perceive us to be. To maintain the integrity of our brand, it’s important that we represent St. Edward’s with a consistent voice and visual identity. This enhances our recognition among diverse audiences and reflects the unified, forward-thinking, international organization we are.

Our Brand Guidelines
Looking for resources to learn about and support the St. Edward’s brand? You’ve come to the right place, especially if …

  • Your role at St. Edward’s includes communicating on the university’s behalf — whether you’re a writer, designer, photographer, lead communicator or department head.
  • Your position outside the university as a journalist, educator, writer or designer requires communicating about St. Edward’s.

The links on the left side of this page will connect you to a range of resources for supporting our brand. Use them to follow our guidelines for all visual and written communications.

Hilltopper Successes and Achievements Submission Form

The St. Edward's community is rich with stories that demonstrate the highly personalized university experience, transformative opportunities for students and the innovative ways that faculty, staff and our alumni are impacting the community. If we decide to use the information you provide for marketing content or success reports, we may contact you for additional details. Thank you!

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Our Work and Awards

St. Edward’s continues to gain national recognition on many fronts, including our marketing, advertising and communication efforts. Over the past 20 years, the Marketing Office has received more than 50 national and regional awards. Here are some of our recent honors.

2022 UCDA Silver Award in Print: St. Edward's University magazine (complete unit)

2022 UCDA Honorable Mention in Illustration: Ragsdale Murals

2022 UPAA Honorable Mention in Video (Social Media): 2021 Year in Review

2021 UCDA Gold Award in Photography: Breakout Women Portraits Photo Series

2021 UCDA Excellence Award in Social Media: The Ripple Effect Content Campaign

2021 UCDA Excellence Award in Print: St. Edward's University Magazine (complete unit)

2020 CASE Silver Award in Digital Communications: College, Unfiltered

2020 CASE Silver Award in Publications: Undergraduate Student Recruitment Travel Brochure

2019 CASE Silver Award in Photography: University Magazine

2019 CASE Bronze Award in Editorial Design: University Magazine

2018 Content Marketing Awards: Finalist: School/University Magazine

2018 Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Bronze Winner, Publication/External

2016 Content Marketing Awards: Best Marketing Automation in Content Marketing

2016 Content Marketing Awards: Finalist: School/University Magazine

2015 Marketing Team of the Year: Marketo Revvies: Consumer Business

2014 CASE Gold Award in Design: University Christmas Card

2014 CASE Gold Award in Marketing: Undergraduate Recruitment Publications for Print

2014 Statesman Social Media Awards: Top 10 in Central Texas