St. Edward’s University uses distributed ownership on our website to ensure that content is updated and current for visitors.

This ownership gives individual offices and departments the responsibility for maintaining content on their webpages. To support that effort, the Marketing team has developed this guide to promote a consistent user experience across our entire site. It’s designed to act as a tool to help all university content owners effectively develop content that engages our audience.



This guide provides a framework that considers both visitors to our website and the brand.

Brand Identity

St. Edward’s has a strong story to tell, and delivering a consistent experience across the university website helps us share that story and lends credibility to our message.

User Experience

Visitors expect to find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Should I use this style guide?

Use this guide if …

  • Your role at St. Edward’s includes writing copy, updating images or adjusting layout on
  • Your role at St. Edward’s includes approving or overseeing a section of

This guide applies to all pages on the main university website (…). It does not apply to pages on subdomains (,, etc.).

Website Help

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