Faculty Recognition in Research

Spring 2018 application here

This award recognizes the efforts of BSS faculty who have engaged in exceptional research initiatives. Faculty who are current members of the BSS Research Award Committee and/or recipients of the award within the past two year are not eligible for consideration. Preference may be given to those applicants who have not yet received this award. Field of discipline will also be a factor during the review process. If application standards have not been met, the committee reserves the right to withhold a decision.  


Eligible faculty activities include academic research from the previous fall that meets at least 2 of the following criteria:
  • Empirical data and/or
  • Publishing and/or presenting research
  • Classroom technology or improvement
  • Applied research to be used in the classroom
  • SEU student collaborators*
* Preference will be given to initiatives that meet this criterion. 


No nomination is required. All interested parties meeting the criteria listed here are eligible to apply. Recipient(s) will present a short summary of their work at the BSS spring Faculty Development Day.

Written applications must include:
  1. Project summary
  2. No more than two pages double spaced (suggested minimum of 575 words; required maximum of 625 words)
  3. Includes your name and academic discipline
  4. Tone should be consistent with scholarly journal submissions
  5. Names of those involved in research, including colleagues, groups, community resources and/or students
  6. SEU or non SEU resources utilized (includes any other funding sources received thus far)
  7. Specific contributions of other parties to project
  8. Methodology (includes participants, design, and procedures)
  9. Purpose of pursuit
  10. Specific results & conclusions
  11. Grounds for further research -- to include if this project is a next step in the same research OR if recipient plans to shift focus to another area
  12. Past and/or future presentation and publication details (if applicable)
  13. One supplemental document (optional): Choose one: power point, poster example, conference or article acceptance documentation, and/or conference citation or final publication


  • Due Date: Feb 26, 2018
  • Notification Date: just prior to BSS faculty development day where recipient(s) will present a short summary of their work