Core Curriculum Contact
Assistant Director of General Education Jennifer Ansier, jennj [at]
Associate Vice President for General Education Cory Lock, Professor of University Studies, julial [at]
General Education Oversight Committee 2018-2019

Cory Lock, AVP for General Education, Chair

Liz Johnson (HDE rep), Associate Professor of Literacy

Jason Callahan (NSCI rep), Professor of Mathematics

Matthew DeSantis, Director for Institutional Assessment

Katherine Lopez (MSB rep), Assistant Professor of Accounting

David Thomason (BSS rep), Assistant Professor of Political Science

Mary Rist (AHMX rep), Professor of Writing and Rhetoric




Core Curriculum Requirement                                             


Freshman Seminar

Alex Barron, Interim Director of First-Year Experience

Writing & Rhetoric I

Writing & Rhetoric II

Manuel Pina, Visiting Instructor, Writing and Rhetoric

Moriah McCracken, Director of the First-Year Writing Program

Oral Communication

Stephanie Martinez, Oral Communication Coordinator

Modern Languages

Philippe Seminet, Chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department


Mark Cherry, Chair of Philosophy Department 

Religious and Theological Studies

Richard Bautch, Chair of Religious and Theological Studies Department

Quantitative Reasoning 

Edward Early, Associate Dean of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences 

Richard Kopec, Professor of Computer Science/Chemistry

Creativity and Making

Coordinator: Jimmy Luu, Visual Studies

Additional committee members:

  • Mary Helen Specht, Writing
  • Kathryn Eader, Theater Arts

Diverse American Perspectives

Coordinator: Laura Hernandez Ehrisman, University Studies

Additional committee members:

  • Chad Long, Political Science
  • Catherine Rainwater, Literature

Exploring Artistic Works 

Coordinator: Brian Sheerin, Literature

Additional committee members:

  • Barbara Filippidis, Literature
  • Sheila Gordon, Theater
  • Tammy Rubin, Visual Studies

Global Perspectives 

Coordinator: Christie Wilson, History

Additional committee members:

  • Selin Guner, Global Studies
  • Florina Matu, French
  • Mity Myhr, History
  • Amr Swid, Management

Experiential Learning for Social Justice Mission Marker

Chair: David Thomason, Political Science
Louise Single, Accounting 
Lou Serna, Campus Ministry
Andrea Holgado, Biology
Kris Sloan, Education
Jennifer Ansier, General Education

Social Identities Mission Marker

Chair: Emily Bernate, Spanish
Tere Garza, Communication
Adam McCormick, Social Work

Writing Rich Mission Markers

Chair: Drew Loewe, Writing
Mike Disch, Psychology
Lorelei Ortiz, Business 

Culminating Experience

Chair: AHUM: Mary Rist, Writing
BSS:  William Nichols, Political Science
HDE: Kristy Ballard, Kinesiology
MSB:  Louise Single, Accounting
NSCI: Bill Quinn, Biology