New Fitness Programs Coming Soon!

With the completion of the expanded RAC, and the new spaces and resources to be available to the SEU community, SEU Recreation & Wellness is looking at a number of new opportunities to create fun, engaging, productive, and exciting new programs designed to enhance our community's overall health.

Programs being considered include:

  • Personal Training Certification Workshop - learn to be a CPT with RecWell
  • Adulting 101 on Workshops - learn to "adult" with workshops designed to give you real-world life preparation
  • Atlas HD Functional Training 
  • New Personal Training / Functional Training studio
  • New Spin Studio
  • Incentive Programs: Couch to 5K, Austin to Angers Fitness Challenge, Iron Man Competition, and more

Have an idea for us? Tell us what you'd like to see by emailing tabbitha [at] (subject: New%20Fitness%20Program) (Tabbitha Ashford), our Assistant Director for Fitness Programs.