2018 Austin to Angers Fitness Challenge

What is Austin to Angers?
A2A is a 4 week Fitness Incentive Program, designed to get you and your colleagues active and moving.  In teams of 4, participants will log their weekly minutes of physical activity.  Collectively, each team will try to record 5,000 minutes of activity in the 4 week period. Each minute logged counts as a 1 mile, and the goal is to reach Angers (distance of roughly 5,000 miles from Austin to Angers) by the end of program. Each team that completes the challenge will earn a prize.

How much does it cost?
A2A is FREE for all students, faculty, and staff

How do I sign up my team?
REGISTER ONLINE (you will need a COMPELTE team of 4 to sign up)

When does the program start?
Teams should start recording minutes/miles on Monday October 2 - Friday October 27

How do I log our minutes?
We provide a weekly form for you to submit your log. FIND IT HERE