New Fitness Programs Coming Soon!

With the completion of the expanded RAC, and the new spaces and resources to be available to the SEU community, SEU Recreation & Wellness is looking at a number of new opportunities to create fun, engaging, productive, and exciting new programs designed to enhance our community's overall health.

Programs being considered include:

  • Personal Training Certification Workshop - learn to be a CPT with RecWell
  • Adulting 101 on Workshops - learn to "adult" with workshops designed to give you real-world life preparation
  • Atlas HD Functional Training 
  • New Personal Training / Functional Training studio
  • New Spin Studio
  • Incentive Programs: Couch to 5K, Austin to Angers Fitness Challenge, Iron Man Competition, and more

Have an idea for us? Tell us what you'd like to see by emailing Tabbitha Ashford, our Assistant Director for Fitness Programs.