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The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) promotes increased awareness and access to career opportunities in management, helps grow students’ personal networks, develops leadership skills and promotes the benefits of postgraduate business education.

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For additional details regarding the GBSA's structure, objectives and guiding principles, refer to the GBSA Constitution and Bylaws.

Tiffany Reynolds, President

Tiffany is in her second semester as an MBA candidate at St. Edward’s University. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a specialization in molecular from Texas Lutheran University in 2007. During her time at TLU, she co-founded Xi Tau, a social sorority based on the values of leadership, scholarship, service and philanthropy, and sisterhood, and she served in Campus Ministry, encouraging, supporting and challenging the community in their faith journey. Tiffany led and participated in a variety of other organizations, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, Tri-Beta Honor Society and Guide Dogs.

Tiffany currently works as the director of training at Stream Realty Partners. She has spent the last five years developing and managing the on-boarding process for all employees across a portfolio of over 100 residential properties in the U.S. Time management and attention to detail have always been part of Tiffany’s strengths. She enjoys working hard and motivating others around her to do the same.

In addition, she is an avid cyclist and participates in the BP MS150, the largest cycling event in North America with over 13,000 cyclists. Her passion for raising awareness and bringing hope to many who are living with multiple sclerosis is why she has dedicated the last 6 years to training for this event.

She hopes to build upon the strong relationships that she has formed with her classmates, members of the Austin community and St. Edward’s University faculty as president of the Graduate Business Student Association. She is excited to promote the value of participating in the organization, as well as aid in the cultivation of relationships between students, alumni and leaders in the Austin area. She believes in making The Bill Munday School of Business experience as rewarding as possible by facilitating communication between the administration and MBA students.

Karen Scobey, Vice President

Karen is currently entering her second year in the St. Edward’s MBA program and plans on graduating in May 2017. She received her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Belmont University in 2009 and has been working in a number of industries since graduating, including healthcare management, non-profit operations, manufacturing, and most recently, grocery chain operations.

Continuously learning from others and new experiences is her main passion, with going to the Greenbelt with her dog and an excessive habit of baking as a close second and third. She’s an avid traveler, gardener and adventure-enthusiast, as well!

Scott Baker, Secretary

Scott was originally born in Boston but moved to Austin 22 years ago. He attended Vanderbilt University by way of ROTC and was commissioned into the United States Army in April 2010. Scott is an expert at team management and unifying detached entities to pursue a single goal. He believes logistical challenges are actually opportunities to create win-wins.

A graduate of the Army’s Engineer Basic Officer Leadership Course, Scott gained experience coordinating personnel, equipment and communications. Through the principles of transformational leadership, he empowers each member of a team to succeed in their core competencies. Scott believes that there is always a way to construct the operation so that every player wins.

Scott loves Austin and considers St. Edward’s University to be a central hub for social innovation without limits. He has a very blessed life and is a big fan of God the Father’s endless creation and spectacular love. 

Mary Kathryn Flores, Social Marketing Manager

Mary Kathryn is a first-year MBA student at St. Edward’s University. She has lived in Austin for about five years and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Communication from the School of Humanities at St. Edward’s.

In addition to her MBA coursework, Mary Kathryn works as a marketing associate with Dimensional Fund Advisors, headquartered here in Austin. In her free time, she enjoys spinning at Cyc Fitness, where she works as an instructor, doing all things Austin and spending time with family.

Chris Glazer, Treasurer

Chris is entering his second year in the MBA program at St. Edward’s University. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire with an English degree during the best time to start a career – in 2008. All jokes aside, he believes that entering the workforce during the recession has helped him fine-tune his work ethic and appreciate the value of an opportunity.

“I was recently told by a boss that I wasn’t like other millennials because I don’t act entitled,” he said. “While I do not believe all millennials are entitled, and I do not really think of myself as a millennial, I appreciated the compliment because it speaks to the person I have tried to be.”

He left New England shortly after graduating college, spent five years in New Mexico, and now three years here in Austin. He has been a political organizer, a member of AmeriCorps, a full-time teacher and a salesperson, among other things. His goal for the MBA program is to solidify how best his interests and skills are suited for the business world. He spends much of his free time with his fiancé Cora, who recently received a graduate degree in Social Work from The University of Texas, and their pets Isis, Donovan and Zelda in Westlake Hills.