Honors Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Honors Program challenging?

A. Absolutely. All the classes at St. Edward’s University are challenging, and that certainly includes the Honors Program. That said, the program’s goal is not simply to make classes harder, but to provide the opportunity for students to go deeper into the material. We challenge and inspire students through our courses.

Q. Can students of any major join the Honors Program?

A. Yes! That means the Honors program is diverse and provides opportunities for students to learn from other disciplines.

Q. How will the Honors Program fit into the rest of my academic plan?

A. The Honors' seminars and courses you’ll take satisfy requirements in the Liberal Arts core curriculum required of all students, as well as satisfying requirements in your major.

Q. Does the Honors Program require me to take additional credits hours to graduate?

A. The Honors Program is structured and designed in such a way that students do not need to spend extra time at the university. Almost all Honors courses satisfy a degree credit that every student is required to take for their major. Honors students do take an addition three credit hours, but they are split up into three separate one-hour seminars. We believe these one-hour seminars are greatly beneficial, and Honors students say they enjoy the experience. Your future four year plan.

Q. Why was I selected for admission to the program?

A. Students selected for the Honors program are chosen for their high achievement before coming to St. Edward’s University and/or the curiosity shown throughout their career as students. Ideal students are actively engaged in learning and seek to thrive in an academically rigorous environment. Potential Honors students are identified by their admission counselor during the application process and invited to join.

Q. How many freshmen are accepted?

A. Fewer than 10% of each freshman class is accepted to the program. The Honors Program is looking for students who possess a spirit of curiosity and a profound commitment to their studies.

If you are interested in the program, please share your interest with your admissions counselor.

Q. Can I take part in a Living Learning Community (LLC) as an Honors student?

A. Of course! All freshman Honors students live together in the Honors Living Learning Community, specific to Honors Program members. Honors students live in Dujarié Hall, one of the most popular and sought-after residence halls on campus. If you plan to be a commuter, you will still be included in Honors Living Learning Community coursework and co-curricular events. Through this community, you’ll make lifelong friends and create passionate discourse that will carry over from the classroom into the residence hall. Check out the video below to get a personal tour of Dujarié Hall by theater major and Honors student Cheyenne Barton.

Jacques Dujarié Hall

As a first-year Honors student, you’ll live with your program peers in one of our most sought-after residence halls, Dujarié Hall. You'll build relationships with your classmates as well as engage closely with faculty through co-curricular events on and off campus.

Q. What if I am not accepted to the Honors Program in my freshman year?

A. The Honors Program admits a limited number of incoming freshmen. If you were not accepted to the program before the fall of your freshman year, you can still apply as a freshman before the spring semester. We encourage you to contact Dr. Emma Woelk, the program’s director, to inquire about available opportunities.

Q. If I am transferring to St. Edward’s University from an Honors Program at a two-year school, can I join the St. Edward’s program?

A. We strongly encourage transfer students who have completed honors coursework at their previous institution to apply to the Honors Program at St. Edwards University. Please contact program director, Dr. Emma Woelk, to apply.

Q. What if I want to study abroad?

A. The Honors Program strongly encourages students to study abroad. There are opportunities within the Honors program itself, but there is also flexibility in the curriculum to go abroad through other programs at St. Edward's University.