All students who study abroad for a summer, semester, or academic year must get pre-approval for the courses they intend to take abroad.

Step 1: Meet with your Success Coach to discuss possible courses to take abroad

Step 2: Meet with the Study Abroad Office to discuss program option

Step 3: Once you have decided on your study abroad program, applied, and been approved, create a list of courses you may want to take while abroad and collect all the syllabi.  Depending on your program, you may not register for courses until you are already abroad so it is a good idea to get pre-approval from SEU for more courses than you plan on taking, in case there are schedule conflicts or a class is full.

Step 4: Meet with your Academic Adviser to review the courses you are interested in abroad 

Step 5: Submit 1 Study Abroad Course Approval Form for each class.  Each type of credit is reviewed by different faculty so it is important to only list one course per form.