Office of Veterans Affairs

Fellow Veteran,

I would like to thank you for your service to our great nation and allowing St. Edward's University to assist you on the next leg of your journey. We understand your commitment to excellence and strong drive to succeed in all endeavors. We have a devoted team of fellow veterans who understand your background and are eager to assist you as you invest in your future at St. Edward's University.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns. The VA team members are here to serve you!


Leslie Guerrero Loitz
Certifying Official 

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  • Prospective Students

  • Current Students

  • Graduating Veterans

Prospective Students

Thank you for considering St. Edward's University.  We are consistently ranked high as Best College for Veterans. We are here to assist you from inquiry to admission.  Contact our office as your first step to apply.

#9 Best College for Veterans
Among the top-ranked schools in its 2018 “Best of” list, U.S. News chose St. Edward’s University as the #9 Best College in the Western Region. St. Edward’s University is recognized for its participation in federal initiatives that help veterans and active service members apply, pay for and complete their degrees.

To get started,  please follow the steps outlined on the Using Your Veteran Benefit at St. Edward's University page.

Current Students

Students are required to complete the request to be certified to continue their benefits.  Other possible forms are:

  •  Parent Institution Request- If you plan on taking classes at a school other than St. Edward's University submit this form with planned enrollment inforamtion.
  •  Course Substitution Request- Often advisors may make a special acccommodation for students.  If this occurs, have your advisor complete the Course Substitution Request.

Note, the following semester based forms are located within the myHilltop student portal when needed:

  •  The Request to be Certified- After you have met with your academic advisor and registered for classes complete, this form will be located within the myHilltop portal under the billing and financial aid tab.
  •  The VR&E Request to be Certified- If you use Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31, complete this form after meeting with you academic advisor. This form will be located within the myHilltop portal under the billing and financial aid tab.
  • Follow the Office of Veterans Affairs via your Canvas portal.

Graduating Veterans

On behalf of the officers of the Hilltop Student Veterans' Association (HSVA), we want to congratulate you on this proud, hard-earned, and honorable occasion!  You are graduating from St. Edward's University as a proud veteran--we and your peers applaud you!

As you complete this leg of your academic journey, the HSVA recognizes your accomplishment after years of hard work and sacrifice.  To honor this commitment to you, we hold a Veteran Stoling Ceremony upon your graduation.

Like the challenge coins presented during your time in service, our coin bares the university seal. Serving as proof that from this day forward you are now a St. Edward's University Veteran Alum.

Veterans Weekly News & Events

Keep up to date on events happening within the Veterans Community.

Hilltop Student Veteran Association


Christina Mata, Marine Corps Veteran

BA Psychology '18

cmata1 [at]

Vice President

Andrea Garcia, U.S. Air Force Veteran

BA Political Science '18

agarci50 [at]





The Hilltop Student Veterans Association is a service organization whose primary purpose is to serve the needs of the St. Edward's University veterans as well as those in the greater community.

The campus of St. Edward’s University is affectionately called the “Hilltop” in tribute to the school’s mascot, a ram named Topper. As such, many organizations assume the “Hilltop” moniker which is also part of the military veteran affiliated group whose student body comprises the Hilltop Student Veterans Association.

The Hilltop Student Veterans Association, comprised of students with military service background, as a significant part of St. Edward’s University, found unity and voice as well as community and service through the student organization.

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 Below are a few of the events thrown by the HSVA this past year, in which we were awarded "Best Event" and "Growth and Development" awards by the Recognized Organizations Council of St. Edward's University

Veteran cooking competition: Chopped.

Veterans Day

Marine Corps Birthday


Hilltop Heroes

The service members featured here are either current or former Hilltop student veterans.


Hilltopper Entrepreneurial Spirit



Self made artist Jenn Hassin is not only a SEU Alumni, but also owner of Jenn Hassin Studios, recieving an award the Austin American Statesman for her great works and has been featured in an article from the Huffington Post. Her time at St. Edward's University has prepared her immensely for the rigors of the art world as seen here from a 2017 interview.

"My SEU education helped me in a number of ways- but specifically the relationships that I created with my professors at St. Edward's. I recently exhibited with Hollis Hammonds, art director at St. Ed's, at grayDUCK Gallery here in town. It was actually my very first exhibition in Austin at a gallery, which is HUGE. My military service was definitely a strong foundation for me to have the guts to pursue an art career. I am resilient, and you have to be in the art world. The research-heavy liberal arts degree that I earned helped me to have an educated angle on my art projects. I research my topics and create connections outside of the art world to make them happen.".


Jenn Hassin is a Texas born artist and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She honorably served in the United States Air Force and later graduated from SEU with a degree in Studio Art in 2012.

 Jenn’s innovative method of using simple pieces of paper, scraps of uniforms, newspapers, and other material to create her works of art is described through her following explanation of the process she takes in her artwork, “I use newspaper to act as a time capsule of our current issues. Whether they be issues of race, our justice system, death, our military, suicide and mental illness, our media has a way of eloquently putting these topics on paper. Capturing these headlines and statements are my way of educating my viewers of these various issues. I also use handmade paper from clothing. Military uniforms, prison uniforms, everyday clothing, clothing worn while being raped or while working in a surgery unit, are all transformed into soft paper that I rip up and roll into tightly spiraled objects.”

Here is an interview conducted in her Austin, Texas art studio in 2017: 

Jenn Hassin, tell us about yourself?

"I’m a small town Texas girl who joined the Air Force after High School. I am one of six children and joining was something nearly all of us did. Currently, I’m an artist in Austin, Texas and make socially engaging work."

How was your experience at St. Edward’s?

"I went to St. Edward’s because I wanted a small University. I cherished the small classes and the tight knit community. I helped start the Hilltop Student Veteran Association with Chris Patin and meeting other veterans was a wonderful experience."

How has your experience at St. Edward’s helped your entrepreneur aspirations?

"Going to a liberal arts university made me skilled at research and presentation. I also continue to stay connected to my professors, which now they act as mentors for my art career."

Do you have any advice for potential student entrepreneurs?

"Do your research and understand that success takes time and grit. Go to sessions that provide tips and resources for small business."

How do you connect art and your military experience?

"The military and veteran communities are near and dear to my heart. I will forever make work inspired by our military to honor our men and women who serve and sacrifice. Military and veteran issues will continue to be a thread in the work I create"


To the left you will see the many pieces of art Jenn has produced, with Letters of Sacrifice being currently exhibited within the walls at The Pentagon as part of their Patriotic Art Gallery. Letters of Sacrifice is a memorial to service members who have made the most sacred sacrifice since 2001 when the our most recent conflicts in the Middle East began. Letters of Sacrifice and Jenn Hassin were recently covered in the Huffington Post

(Left): Here are three of her other art pieces, each expressing her interest in veteran issues and her devotion to the many social issues previously researched here at St. Edward's. The education recieved at St. Edward's gave Jenn the foundation for the development of her current success, while, the connections made here on campus forged a lasting mentor-mentee bond that is still seen long after graduation.

For more information, please see Jenn Hassin Studio.