Students may be eligible for note taking assistance depending on the specific type of documented disability. Some examples of disabilities that may qualify for note taking assistance include, but are not limited to: learning, visual, hearing and physical disabilities. For most students with disabilities this accommodation is meant to supplement the student's own notes. Students who are approved for note taking assistance will begin the process by assessing which classes they will need notes in and communicating with their disability counselor. SDS will coordinate with the student and the faculty member to identify a volunteer peer note taker for the necessary courses.

At times a faculty member will provide their lecture notes as an alternative to a peer note taker. If a peer note taker is determined to be the appropriate accommodation, faculty members are essential to the recruitment process because they can pinpoint strong academic students who are engaged in the material and might provide the most comprehensive notes. When recruiting note takers, it may be helpful for the faculty member to talk about the benefits of becoming a note taker:

  • Opportunity to provide direct service to persons with disabilities 
  • Added experience of service on a resume
  • Quality of the note taker's notes increases

Once a note taker has been identified, their name and contact information should be sent to the student's disability counselor in SDS to begin coordination of services. The student and note taker will both receive an email exchanging contact information and tips about note taking and note delivery. A Box folder will also be set-up in their name where all notes will be saved for the semester. Notes can be provided to the students in the following ways within 24 hours of the class ending:

  • Typed notes that can be immediately uploaded into Box
  • Handwritten on NCR (no carbon required) paper supplied by Student Disabilities Services that can be given immediately to the student, then scanned later by SDS into Box
  • Handwritten notes that can be scanned by Student Disability Services into Box after class

Please contact your disability counselor If there are any issues with the note taking accommodation including, but not limited to:

  • Trouble locating a note taker
  • No notes have been uploaded in Box within 24 hours of the class
  • The notes provided are not legible or are missing information

Please remember:

  • If the student does not attend class the note taker does not need to provide notes for that day.
  • If the student drops the class or decides a note taker is no longer needed, they will need to notify Student Disability Services immediately. 

Guidelines & Techniques for Note Takers

How To Use Your Note Taker's Notes