Policy Development Resources

In addition to serving as a central repository of university policies that govern a wide range of university activities, this policy website is also intended to provide the St. Edward’s community with resources to aid the policy development process. The university community is encouraged to use the resources below to consider policy revisions and draft new policies.

Policy Approval Request Form

This form should be used to submit both new and updated university policies for approval and publication. Prior to submission, please ensure that the Policy Development Flowchart has been reviewed and all necessary stakeholder consultations have been completed.

Policy Development Flowchart

This flowchart was developed to assist the St. Edward’s University community in navigating policy development. 

Official University Policy Template

St. Edward’s has established a standard policy document and review process to achieve consistency, appropriateness, and ease of understanding of, ease of access to, and compliance with university policies. 

Policy Communication Guidelines

The Policy Communication Guidelines ensure that policy owners are aware of their communication obligations and given strategies to help them fulfill those obligations.