If you have any questions regarding university policy, please contact the owner of the policy or the Policy Committee representative for your area. 


Academic Dismissal, see Student Academic Bulletins

Academic Integrity, see Student Academic Bulletins

Academic Load, see Student Academic Bulletins

Academic Probation, see Student Academic Bulletins

Academic Regulations

Acceptable Use of Information Technology

Access for Individuals with Disabilities

Accommodation for Applicants and Employees, see Employee Handbook


Alcohol and Other Drugs, see Student Handbook

Alcohol at Events, see University Event

Amplified Sound, see University Event

Animals in the Worplace, see Employee Handbook

Animals On Campus, see Student Handbook

Assignment of Access to Non-Directory Student Information

Assistance Animals, see Student Assistance Animal

Audit Notification


Background Check, see Employee Handbook

Battery Storage and Disposal

Biological Waste


Campus Identification Card, see Hilltopper Card Office

Cell Phone, see Electronic Communication Expense Reimbursement 

Changing Gender Identification within University Records

Class Attendance, see Student Academic Bulletins

Conflict of Interest

Contracting, see University Contract

Cookies, see Use of Information 

Copyright and File Sharing


Data & Records, see University Data & Records

Departmental Cash Management, see Student Account

Drones, see Unmanned Aircraft Systems 


Electronic Communication Expense Reimbursement

Electronic Waste Management

Emergency Closure, see Employee Handbook

Employee Civic Duty, see Employee Handbook

Employee Complaint Resolution, see Employee Handbook

Employee Conflict of Interest, see Employee Handbook

Employee Drug and Alcohol, see Employee Handbook

Employee Electronic Communication

Employee Leave, see Employee Handbook

Employee Overtime Pay, see Employee Handbook

Employee Performance Management, see Employee Handbook

Employee Position Classification, see Employee Handbook

Employee Promotions, Transfers and Reclassifications, see Employee Handbook

Employee Public Expression of Personal Views, see Employee Handbook

Employee Records, see Employee Handbook

Employee Recruiting and Selection, see Employee Handbook

Employee Return of University Property, see Employee Handbook

Employee Social Media, see Employee Handbook

Employee Status, see Employee Handbook

Employee Timekeeping and Payment of Wages, see Employee Handbook

Employee Tuition Remission, see Employee Handbook

Employment At Will, see Employee Handbook

Environmental Management

Equal Employment Opportunity, see Employee Handbook

Event Calendar, see University Event

Event Sponsorship, see University Event

External Event Facility Use, see University Event


Faculty Compensation, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Complaint Resolution, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Conflict of Interest, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Development, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Evaluation, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Fringe Benefits, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Leave, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Promotion, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Rankings, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Recruitment, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Separation, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Status, see Faculty Manual

Faculty Tenure , see Faculty Manual

Faculty Workload, see Faculty Manual

Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides

Financial Aid, see Student Financial Aid

Firearms, see Student Handbook or Employee Handbook

Food and Beverages at Events, see University Event


Gambling, see Student Handbook

Gift Acceptance 

Grade Appeal, see Student Academic Bulletins

Grant Procurement


Hazardous Material Spill Discharge

Hazardous Waste

Hazing, see Student Handbook

Hilltopper Card Office

Honorarium Payments

Housing Deposits, see Student Accounts


Identity Management

Indirect Cost Policy

Intellectual Property, see Employee Handbook

Inviting VIPs and Dignitaries to University Events


Key and Lock 


Lactation Room, see Employee Handbook

Library Use



Meal Plan, see Hilltopper Card Office

Minors on Campus


Name Change on Academic Records, see Student Academic Bulletins

Nepotism, see Employee Handbook

Non-cash Gifts, Awards, and Incentives

Nondiscrimination, see Student Academic Bulletins

Nonresident Alien Payments


Offical Workweek and Hours of Work, see Employee Handbook

Open Door Policy, see Employee Handbook


Parking, see Traffic and Parking Regulations

Pass/No Pass Grading, see Student Academic Bulletins


Policy Development, see University Policy Development

Political Activity

Purchasing Card


Recognized Student Organization Finances, see Student Organization Manual

Release of Student Directory Information

Requirements for Satisfactory Academic Standing, see Student Academic Bulletins


Semester Hour Requirement, see Student Academic Bulletins

Separation of Employment, see Employee Handbook

Service Animals, see Student and Visitor Service Animal Policy 

Sexual and Other Harassment, see Employee Handbook

Sexual Misconduct, see Student Handbook

Smoking, see Employee Handbook

Statement Against Intolerance, see Student Handbook or Employee Handbook

Student Account

Student Account Billing, see Student Account

Student Account Collections, see Student Account

Student Account Payment, see Student Account

Student Account Records, see Student Account

Student Account Refunds, see Student Account

Student and Visitor Service Animal

Student Assistance Animal

Student Classification, see Student Academic Bulletins

Student Complaint Process, see Student Handbook

Student Employment

Student Financial Aid

Student Fees, see Student Account

Student Organization Discipline, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Free Speech/Expression, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Guest Speakers, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Hazing, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Human Sexuality Programming, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Names, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Political Campaign Activities, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Publicity, see Student Organization Manual

Student Organization Risk Management Training, see Student Organization Manual

Student Right-to-Know, see Student Academic Bulletins

Student Voter Registration, see Student Academic Bulletins

Study Abroad, see Student Handbook



Tax Treatment of Payments Made to Individuals

Technology Selection

Telecommuting, see Employee Handbook

Traffic & Parking Regulations

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transportation, see Vehicle Use

Travel and Entertainment


University Contract

University Data & Records

University Event

University Policy Development

University Trademark, see Marketing

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

US Employment Authorization, see Employee Handbook

Use of Information


Vehicle Use

Visitors in the Workplace, see Employee Handbook

Volunteerism, see Employee Handbook


Whistleblower Policy, see Employee Handbook

Workplace Safety and Security, see Employee Handbook

Workplace Violence, see Employee Handbook