Beyond independence

Every parent wants essential skills and career success for their children. Many admit a deeper desire. They want their children to learn to think for themselves. To evaluate argument and evidence. To develop good judgment and the strategies needed to keep learning. And to achieve full and meaningful lives.

Parents trust the approach we take at St. Edward's — a careful balance of classroom and experiential learning in a challenging and inspiring academic environment. Our emphasis on integrity, reflection and a global perspective. We share a common goal — helping your student become a confident, independent adult who values giving back to others and the world.


St. Edward’s offers an educational experience that fosters self-discovery, lifelong career skills and commitment to a greater good. Find out about our "whole person" approach to learning that prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.  


See the qualities and achievements we look for in selecting the right mix of students for admission to our academic community. And get details on our admission process — from scholarships and tuition to visiting campus and applying.  

About St. Edward’s

Founded in 1885 by the Congregation of Holy Cross, St. Edward’s stands distinctively as a top liberal arts university, with partner universities worldwide. Hear from President George E. Martin, and learn about our mission, national awards and recognition, and rich history.