Welcome to Event & Conference Services

Our department provides information and services for the coordination of events and conferences hosted across campus.  We work with St. Edward’s students, staff, and faculty, as well as external organizations and summer conferences.  Department staff works with each event’s coordinator to ensure necessary campus partners are contacted and involved. 

COVID-19 Adjustments

Before planning your event, make sure you are familiar with St. Edward's University's COVID-19 policies:

  • Indoor events, meetings, and classes and all other activities are limited to 40 people except in those venues where otherwise authorized for greater attendance capacities (see "Venues" section below).  Please view the University Gathering & Occupancy Policy
  • Outdoor events, meetings, and classes and all other activities no longer have COVID-19 related occupancy limits.  Masking for these gatherings is recommended. 
  • Indoor dining will be allowed in the dining venues and indoor common areas where food is permitted.  All served food and beverages must be individually packaged.  Buffets and food servers are not permitted. 

    Third Party Rentals

  • St. Edward's will currently only host third party (external) events if the group size is no greater than 40 persons per indoor venue.
  • The University will reconsider hosting events for external groups above 40 attendees at indoor events when Austin enters Stage-2 risk-based guidelines as defined by Austin Public Health.
  • Guests attending university events need to consult the COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for External Guests before accessing campus.