A Unified Voice

As the St. Edward’s University community works together to achieve Strategic Plan 2027, it’s essential that we present a purposeful, clear and unified voice to our audiences around the world.

By using this Communications Guide, you’ll contribute to a higher standard of consistency in our online and print communications. This uniformity will enhance the university’s image and assist us in being strong stewards of our brand.

When you craft written communications for St. Edward’s, refer to this guide often. Use it for help with common questions about basic grammar, spelling and punctuation. You’ll also find clarification on some frequently misspelled and misused words, and the proper forms of university-specific terms, locations and descriptions. We’ve even included guidelines for writing effective copy.

Just like the English language, this guide is a work in progress; outdated information routinely gives way to new information. Please contact the Marketing Office if you have questions about our communications guidelines or suggestions for additions.

Clear, Accurate, Effective Communications

St. Edward’s University communications use the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (2019) as the primary reference for style, usage, spelling and punctuation. The AP Stylebook is available in the St. Edward’s University Bookstore and directly from the Associated Press online. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, fifth edition, is our primary dictionary. Use the first entry as the rule.

For issues not covered by this guide or the AP Stylebook, the Marketing Office recommends the most current edition of these additional references: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.; The Chicago Manual of Style; The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style; and Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age.

Some style guidelines are specific to St. Edward’s University. When there is a discrepancy, the university’s style guide takes precedence over any entries in the AP Stylebook or other references.

News releases should be coordinated through the Marketing Office. Copy for news releases also should adhere to guidelines specified in the AP Stylebook.