Our design components coincide with university brand colors, fonts, identities and communication style. They also give the brand a pop of personality and can act as useful graphic markers to call attention to important points of information.

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are used to call attention to small pieces of information, such as a stat, infographic, profile name or CTA. Limit their usage to one to two elements at a time, such as on a brochure spread. Review the examples provided and then proceed with downloading the graphic elements files.

Graphic elements
Graphic elements examples
Graphic elements examples

Examples of graphic elements in use.

Display Font Treatments

Landmark Inline is only licensed to the Marketing Office at this time, however font treatments have been created for university-wide use. Read through the guidelines on Landmark and then proceed with downloading these files. If you're in need of a specific Landmark font treatment, request it from the Marketing Office

Landmark treatments

Examples of Landmark treatments in use.

Photo and Video

Photos and video footage are available for use through the University Photo Library and University Video Library. If you are in need of additional assets, reach out to one of our recommended freelancers.