Our visual identity is a key component of our brand, and works in conjunction with the stories we tell to our audiences.

Our visual identity consists of logos and marks, color, typography, design components and photography. A cohesive visual identity indicates strength, trust and clarity to our audiences but at the same time, elements of our identity can be flexible and evolve.

Logos and Marks 

The St. Edward's Logo

The primary logo represents St. Ed's at the highest level and should always be used as the most dominant mark in communications. When developing materials, particularly for new audiences unfamiliar with our university, always use the primary logo first and most often as opposed to other marks (such as athletic and spirit marks).

Core Identity Logo Lockups

Core Identity Logo Lockups are available to represent specific schools, departments and organizations. These always use the St. Edward's wordmark to reinforce the primary brand.


Our sub-brands include brand extension identities that promote a related but separate program or organization within the university. Our sub-brands are Wild Basin, The Kozmetsky Center of Excellence, Holy Cross Institute, Alumni Association and Mary Moody Northen Theatre.

Athletic Identities

St. Edward’s University has separate athletic symbols and marks to represent athletic programs and promote school spirit. Athletics identities should never be used in place of the university logo in any academic application, nor should they be used in other capacities, such as to promote student groups or events that are not approved by Athletics.

Branded Graphic Identities

Core Identity Logo Lockups are the only logos that are available to represent your school, office, department, program or other unit within St. Edward's.

Any combination of design elements and text used in marketing materials, apparel, merchandise or promotional items is considered a graphic and not a logo. Many times university groups require a graphic treatment to represent their campaign, initiatives or event. Examples of these branded graphics include LiveWellSEU and advancement campaign identities (such as the Faculty & Staff Campaign). Learn more about the differences between branded graphic identities and logos. 

The University Seal

The university seal is reserved for the highest official communication of the university. The seal is not to be used as a branding or marketing logo or in place of the primary logo. In all cases, seek written approval to use the seal. 


Color is a key component of our identity. Consistent use of color is essential to a unified brand image. Our color palette represents our heritage, distinguishes our brand and creates consistent experiences for our audiences.


Typography is a powerful tool that can add visual meaning to our communications. Our typefaces reflect St. Edward’s brand identity and include a wide variety of options to allow for flexibility when creating communications in a variety of mediums.

Design Components

Design components give our brand a pop of personality and can act as useful graphic markers to call attention to important points of information. Design components can include graphic elements, icons and display font treatments.


Our visual identity comes together through vibrant images that are personal, authentic and bold. Our photography style aims to engage and captivate the viewer with honest, relatable photos.