In September 2019, Judy McLaughlin, Educational Chair, Harvard Seminar for New Presidents, Harvard University, led the Board of Trustees’ full-day analysis of the Board’s vision for the future of the University and, in light of that vision, the qualities and characteristics that the University seeks in our new President.

After the September 2019 Board Retreat, the Search Committee had its initial meeting, during which it planned the broad outline of its work. The Committee then prepared and sent a Request for Proposal to the nation’s leading academic search consulting firms.

In October 2019, the Search Committee analyzed the consulting firms’ responses, selected two firms to make full presentations to the Committee, and then selected as our consultant Julie Filizetti of the firm Isaacson Miller. [include link to the Search Consultant page]

In November 2019, the Search Committee met with consultant Julie Filizetti and her colleague Leslie McCarthy to further refine the Committee’s work plan and to begin preparing the Position Profile (job description) to be advertised beginning in March 2020.

In December 2019, Dr. Martin publicly announced his planned departure for June 30, 2021. [include link to Dr. Martin’s letter] The Board of Trustees publicly announced the formation of the Search Committee. [include link to Marty’s letter]

To see the plan for the Search Committee’s future work, go here [link].