Virtual visits, webinars and Instagram can show you a lot about a university. But every college has campus secrets that you learn during a campus tour or from current students.

We asked campus tour guides what they’ve learned about the best study spots, traditions and snacks at St. Edward’s, and they agreed to let you in on a few secrets. If you want to know more, sign up for one of our virtual or in-person visit experiences.

Skylines and Selfies; Global and Green


1. The best view of the Austin skyline is from the steps of Main Building.

2. But the best air-conditioned view of downtown is from the third floor of Fleck Hall. The bathrooms there also have the best selfie lighting.

3. Students embrace hearing multiple languages every day, sometimes in a single walk across campus.

4. St. Edward’s is eco-friendly. We have recycling bins and water bottle refill stations all over campus. And Bon Appetit, our food-service provider, sources as much food as possible from within a 150-mile radius of campus, to reduce its carbon footprint.

Traditions, Big and Small


5. At Hillfest, the giant carnival at the start of school, you can meet the goat mascot of St. Edward’s. Not just Topper, the person in a costume, but an actual goat. She lives on a farm nearby, her name is Kelly, and she’s the great-granddaughter of the original goat mascot, Pax.

6. The red doors of Main Building are a great photo op during a campus visit. They’re also part of the Legacy Walk, a university tradition. After the Medallion Ceremony at the start of your freshman year, you’ll walk with your class up the stairs, through the doors and into the heart of campus to mark your entrance into the St. Edward’s community. At the end of your senior year, you and your class will walk out the red doors and onto the front lawn.

Study Spots, Snacks and De-stressors


7. The wifi near Sorin Oak is pretty good, so people say there’s a wifi router inside the oak tree. This may or may not be true.

8.  Campus Ministry is a not-so-secret great study spot. There’s a quiet lounge area with couches and tables right off the chapel. During finals they have a Crock-Pot with queso.

9. When you’re at the Office of Student Involvement, you can de-stress by sitting in a massage chair.

10. Check out the chalkboard on the second floor of the Munday Library for notices about events, amazing art, motivational messages and tacky puns.

11. If you want to feel like you are floating on a cloud, get a lemonade with a couple of pumps of lavender in it from Jo’s.

12. Need to take a quick nap in between classes? Stop by the Wellness Lounge in the Recreation and Athletic Center. There you'll find a nap pod with guided mediation and timer (so you won't be late for class.) 

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