Are you aware of the many ways our Student Success Center helps you succeed in your classes and beyond? It’s a valuable resource for your college years. From success coaches and faculty advisors to academic and career support services, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this roundup of 5 ways the Student Success Center assists you, and make sure you take advantage of the personalized support they provide.

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Success Coaches Support You from Day One

Every Hilltopper has a personal success coach who is their go-to person for advising and guidance. From the moment you enroll at St. Edward’s, your success coach partners with you to navigate your college career. Working together, you’ll create a customized, flexible road map for meeting your goals and degree requirements.

Your coach collaborates with your school and faculty advisor to help you choose your classes, explore majors and minors, tap into academic support, and identify co-curricular activities that align with your strengths and passions. Connect with your coach often. They’ll help you make the most of your St. Edward’s experience. 


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Faculty Guide Your Academic Journey

In addition to your success coach, you’ll work with faculty members from your area of study as you proceed through your degree plan. Our talented faculty within each academic school want to get to know you and are ideal advisors and mentors during your time in college. If you have questions or concerns about a course, be sure to stop by for a visit during their office hours or make an appointment to meet with them.

Like your success coach, your professors can talk with you about careers in your field of study, research opportunities, internships and graduate school. They can also write letters of recommendation for internships, fellowships, jobs and graduate studies.


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Academic Support Prepares You to Excel

Academics are rigorous at St. Edward’s, and we’re here to help you be successful in your classes, especially as you get ready for midterm and final exams. Stay on top of your studies by taking advantage of your free academic support services.

Need help in a challenging class? Sign up for online 24/7 tutoring or attend in-person or Zoom Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions. (Access the latest SI schedule.) Assistance for math and writing are at your service through the Math Lab and Writing Center. And staff at the Munday Library can help you with research. Want to improve your study skills? Your success coach can assist you with time management, setting goals, study techniques and more.


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Career Resources Jump-Start Your Future

One of the big goals of your St. Edward’s experience is to prepare you for a fulfilling career path. Our Career and Professional Development team is laser-focused on giving you the personal support, tools and resources that equip you to land internships, build transferable skills, make connections and enter the job market or graduate school with confidence.

From working with your career coach to hone your résumé and interview skills to attending job and internship fairs, your career preparation opportunities on the hilltop can enhance your future. Here’s a roundup of our career services available to you. Please make full use of them!


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SDS Accommodates Students with Disabilities

Student Disability Services (SDS) offers services and resources to students with documented disabilities, including: academic and/or housing accommodations, academic counseling, referral services and self-advocacy skills. If you have a learning, medical or psychological disability, SDS can provide you with appropriate accommodations. Contact them to discuss any accommodations you may need.

Accommodations are not retroactive, so the earlier you reach out, the better. For more information about the documentation guidelines and review process, review our Roadmap to Disability Accommodations.