A big decision students make during college is whether to live on or off campus. Granted, there are pros and cons for each, but living in a residence hall comes with plenty of important advantages, such as convenience, safety, community and closer proximity to support services. Check out these nine reasons living on the St. Edward’s campus offers you a more rewarding college experience.

1. Get Everything Included

Nowhere else in Austin will your living expenses include a great view of downtown and a short stroll to everything on the hilltop. Your resident fees cover all the basics: meal plan, furnished room*, internet, utilities*, laundry facilities, kitchen, computer labs, game room and study lounges.

*The Maryhill & Hilltopper Heights Apartments are unfurnished and electricity service is not included in the housing rate.

St. Andre Apartment check-in desk
Austin mural on South 1st St.

2. Skip Traffic and Parking

Forget about wasting time (and money) driving to campus and finding parking. Living on campus frees you from those hassles. Instead of dealing with the stress of commuting, sleep more! Roll out of bed and grab breakfast before your short walk to class. Work out in the fitness center. Study or hang out with friends. Get involved in campus activities. You’ll have a more satisfying college experience.

3. Live in Safety

The hilltop is one of the safest places in Austin. University Police and Residence Life staff are easily reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All residence halls have security-controlled entry. Students are also close to university resources such as the Health & Counseling Center and the Dean of Students staff, and can access around-the-clock emergency support.

4. Excel in Your Studies

Research shows that students who live on campus tend to make better grades and are more likely to graduate in four years. It makes sense because you have easy access to your professors, tutoring, the library, computers labs and study spaces. Plus, you’re more motivated to create study groups or work on group projects with other students when you live close together.

5. Connect with Mentors

When you live on campus, you’ll have more opportunities to interact with professors and staff who can provide valuable personal and career advice, career networking and leadership opportunities. Students find that these relationships help them achieve more personal growth and become stronger candidates when they pursue their career goals.

6. Get Personal Support 24/7

Each hall has a live-in professional residence director (RD) and group of upperclassman resident assistants (RAs) who work together to create an active and engaging community. When it comes to the ups and downs of college life, you’re not alone. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult course, homesickness, or a personal concern, your RD and RAs will provide a helping hand.

7. Find Your Friends

It’s so easy to make new and diverse friends when you live on campus, because you’re constantly around students like you. You’ll live with students from across the U.S. and the world. Some will share your interests, and others will introduce you to new ideas, cultures and pursuits. They’ll become your hilltop family and network of friends long after you graduate.

8. Grow in Ways You Never Expected

Having a roommate is a rite of passage to the college experience. This is when you learn to set aside your differences, have patience and figure out how to negotiate with others by learning more about them. You’ll develop social skills and meaningful friendships. And you’ll become more confident and independent in your decision making.

9. Live in the Heart of Austin

Need a break from campus? Plenty of entertainment and activities are close by. St. Edward’s is located within walking distance of Austin’s popular SoCo district of trendy shops, food stores and restaurants. Or you can catch a convenient bus ride to the Texas State Capitol, downtown businesses, museums, libraries, parks, restaurants and music venues — all just a few miles away.

Register for Housing!

If you are looking to register for on-campus housing please visit the Housing webpage, where you can start your application, learn more about the entire housing process and ensure you are signing up based on your classification as a student. If you have any questions please refer to our Resident Resources or email Residence Life.