Living on campus means that you’re surrounded by everything you could possibly need.

No matter where you live, you’re a short walk from resources such as the Health & Counseling Center and the recreation center. And meetings with professors, success coaches and student organizations are convenient at nearly any time of day. If you work on campus, you’ll have, quite possibly, the shortest commute in Austin.

Beyond that, there’s additional support and personalized attention within the respective communities. Resident assistants (RAs), who are specially trained upper-class students, live in the halls and help keep the buildings secure while also making them feel like a home. They develop activities to foster community and help students get to know one another, their school and their city. Students meet some of the school’s best role models, who often become the first point of contact when residents need help or simply someone to lean on.

But how do you decide where to live? While all of the residence halls at St. Edward’s offer similar programming and access to the same resources, each has its own personality. The following are testimonials from students and RAs who have lived in the halls around campus to help you decide what hall is right for you.

Residence Living

Basil Moreau Hall

“BMH has a home-like style with surrounding greenery. The hall is a bit quieter and more reserved. The RAs set the tone for each hall with the decorations and programming. They play a big role in fostering community and connecting residents to each other.” —Elizabeth Ucles ’19, Resident Assistant

Personality in three words: Homey, quiet and reserved

Layout: Doubles (2 students sharing a bedroom and a bathroom) and Double-Suites (2 students sharing a bedroom with a connecting bathroom shared by 4 students)

Programming highlight: Cookouts in the courtyard. RAs prepare games and grill delicious hamburgers and hot dogs for a fun, relaxing community activity

Best feature: The courtyards. Basil Moreau is surrounded by gorgeous courtyards that are tucked behind the building under a canopy of local Austin flora. They are an excellent, private place to study or hang out with friends while appreciating nature.

Lobby of Basil Moreau Residence Hall.
Dorm room in Basil Moreau Hall.

Dujarié Hall

“The hall was really engaging, especially when the RAs had activities and cool things to do together like a cookout or a game night or even karaoke. People were always in the lobby watching TV, playing pool or just hanging out with one another.” —Caitlyn Gonzales ’21

“Dujarié is very homey. Everyone in Dujarié sort of knew one another. As a freshman, we all wanted to make friends and hang out with new people, so having the communal living space to walk through was nice.” —Alexandra Hartin ’20

Personality in three words: Relaxed, comfortable and neighborly

Layout: Doubles (2 students sharing a bedroom and a bathroom) and Double-Suites (2 students sharing a bedroom with a connecting bathroom shared by 4 students)

Programming highlight: Jacques Jams. Every year, the Dujarié RAs put on a concert or open mic night for residents to show off their musical talents. Sometimes the concerts are holiday-themed and accompanied by an ugly sweater contest or hall decorating activities.

Best feature: The game room. Equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, smart TV, and ping-pong and pool tables, this space is designed to host awesome activities including karaoke nights and the famous Jacques Jams concerts. It’s a lot like a family game room or living room where everyone gathers to enjoy each other’s company in a comfortable space.

Game room of Dujarié Hall.
Student dorm in Dujarié Hall.

Hunt and Le Mans Halls

“I got to meet a lot of my neighbors by hanging out in the common areas and going to game nights occasionally. It was really chill and laid back for the most part.” —Stefani Maltos ’21

“The Village had a good balance between being able to stay in your individual space and being able to hang out with larger groups in common areas. It's the kind of place where if I needed help with something, I could go to the common area and someone would point me in the right direction and where people always hold the elevator for you.” —James Harrison ’19

Personality in three words: Vibrant, friendly and comradely

Layout: Double-Suites (2 students sharing a bedroom with a connecting bathroom shared by 4 students)

Programming highlight: Themed dance nights. RAs encourage students to dress up and have fun with themed dance nights (think 90s decade dance, Halloween dance, etc.). RAs provide snacks and great music that get residents out and relaxed from the rigors of school.

Best feature: The lounges. The Village has several scattered lounges and one large lounge on the fourth floor. These spaces allow for more personal community building and give students a chance to interact closely with one another. From study groups to community service groups to movie-lovers groups, everyone is welcomed and given a space in this building.

Johnson Hall

“We want residents to consider Johnson Hall their home on the hilltop. This hall has a warm and welcoming environment, while also having beautiful views of campus and downtown Austin. Johnson Hall is a friendly and laid-back environment. This community is perfect to develop new friendships or find quiet places to study. There are constantly residents cooking in the kitchen, watching movies together, playing ping-pong or studying in the common areas. This small and supportive community is home to a diverse group of individuals.” —Jamie Malone ’21

Personality in three words: Homey, welcoming, quiet

Programming highlights: Laundry Olympics, Scary-oke and a yoga class

Best feature: Location! It is located near the Hunt Dining Hall and the Huddle, while also being right above the Health & Counseling Center and Johnson Computer Lab. 

The Village
Welcome Days at the Village


“Casa feels so safe and comforting that residents often seek to come back home to escape from the busy rush that is the university experience. It’s in a prime location, nestled between two other residence halls, which helps to create a large family-oriented atmosphere. It is also right across the street from the heart of campus, making it easy to run outside and join in all the activities campus has to offer.” —Ariah Alba ’22

Personality in three words: Peaceful, homey, bright

Programming highlight: Programming is unique in Casa because the pod-style environment allows for fun and friendly interaction among podmates daily. When larger programs are held, residents come together and have an enjoyable time in the common spaces because of how close they become. The high, airy ceilings allow for lively conversation and music to flow throughout the building. 

Best feature: There is a very present feeling of a tight-knit community in Casa, and it very much becomes your second home. 

Apartment Living

St. André Apartments

“St. André is a home away from home. You have everything you need to succeed in college right here; a great community with awesome people, common areas where you can study or hangout, and my favorite is the accessibility to the rest of the campus!” —Frankie Loza ’21

“During your time at college, there is a hidden longing for a sense of community in your living space. I think living in St. André is the perfect in-between to satisfy that feeling of community while having your own private space.” —Natasha Reyes ’21

Personality in three words: Safe, inclusive and unforgettably enjoyable

Programming highlight: We have had so many noteworthy programs! Our RAs aim to provide the residents in our community with programs that are fun and educational for upperclassmen. RA Angie Pastrana organized a Recipe Race. Residents learned how to create a healthy, inexpensive and easy meal from the comfort of their own St. André kitchen. Additionally, Bon App taught residents how to create dishes from the options provided at the Grab & Goat, which is an awesome amenity for residents living at St. André.

Best feature: The amenities stand out. Whether it be the SmartLabs, Grab & Goat, or the apartment-style suites conveniently located within a residential community, St. André is built for students to feel connected and supported in their journey through adulthood. 

Maryhill and Hilltopper Heights Apartments

“The apartments are a step between living on campus moving into the adult world after college!” —Mariam Ramy ’20

“Living in the apartments is the best of both worlds! It feels like your own independent space while still being just a quick walk from classes, dining halls, or Ragsdale.” —Marvelle Ihekona ’21

Personality in three words: Independent, friendly, neighborhood

Programming highlight: The End of Summer Bash. At the beginning of the fall semester, we welcome our residents to campus with a block party that includes grilling out, live music, games, activities, raffle prizes and more, all while getting to build community and connections with our newly settled in neighbors!

Best feature: Large spacious apartment with lovely outdoor patio to enjoy, relax and unwind on after a full day of classes.