A St. Edward’s education is personalized and supportive — and those values begin with the admission process. We understand that the pandemic has complicated aspects of applying to college, and we are here to help.

Your admission counselor and financial services counselor can listen to your concerns and answer your questions about application requirements, financial issues, and life at St. Edward’s and in Austin.

We want to work with you. Here are 7 ways we can help.

Main building at St. Edward's University


Your admission counselor can answer your questions about any aspect of the application. We believe in providing clear information about what we’re looking for in your academic record and why (for example, our “test optional” policy and our new Texas core complete policy). If you’re confused about the application process or want to talk about a particular aspect of your record, please get in touch.

Students participate in research together


Your admission counselor can connect you with a faculty member who teaches in your major or a current student who’s studying that subject. Or we can connect you with a student from your high school or region who attend St. Edward’s. Get a sense of what life is like on our campus by visiting in-person or virtually.

Student chats with financial services counselor


A counselor in Student Financial Services can talk with you about how to fill out the FAFSA (or CSS Profile for international students) and how St. Edward’s uses the information to offer you financial aid. The FAFSA is open now, and our priority deadline for you to complete it is Jan. 15. If you’re unsure whether you should fill out the FAFSA, we encourage you to do so: virtually every family who completes the FAFSA receives at least a small award from St. Edward’s. When you fill it out, be sure to use our school code, 003621. We will begin mailing award letters in mid-December.

Counselor points to different Financing Options


Once you’ve completed the FAFSA (or CSS Profile for international students) and received your financial aid award, we can answer questions about the grants, loans or campus jobs you’ve been offered and make sure you understand exactly what it would cost to attend St. Edward’s. We can also help you compare financial aid awards and the cost of attendance at different schools, so you are making decisions based on a true apples-to-apples comparison.

Students gather on campus with health precautions


If you have questions about how St. Edward’s is responding to the pandemic and what precautions we’re taking, your admission counselor can help. As the public health situation in Texas continues to evolve, we are making decisions based on expert advice and what’s safest for our community.

Student completes college application essay


We understand that the pandemic has created many challenges that might have affected your academic performance. We want to be flexible and work with you in the admission process. You can address these concerns in the COVID-19 question on the Common Application, or you can explain them in a written statement if you use another application. Your admission counselor can hear your concerns and offer advice about how to approach this statement. If you want to discuss the financial impact of the pandemic, particularly aspects not reflected on your FAFSA, your financial services counselor can help.

Campus Life


We realize the pandemic affects nearly everything we do these days, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what life used to be like. But one day, we will be able to gather and travel again. As you consider which college to attend, remember that the study abroad, service and extracurricular programs that are currently canceled will make a comeback. If you want help understanding what campus life was like in the “Before Times” and what we hope it will be in the future, let’s find a time to talk.