100+ majors and minors. 100+ student organizations. 50+ countries to study abroad. 600 student events on campus each year.

With so many options to choose from, how do you even know where to start?

At St. Edward’s, you’ll have an entire team of people to help you personalize your college experience — classes, internships, leadership opportunities, study abroad and more. Follow this glossary to discover who’s who, and learn more about the roadmap that will prepare you for a personally meaningful academic experience, career and life.

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Success Coach and student

Your Academic Success Team

Success Coach

Everything starts with your success coach, which you’ll be assigned once the semester begins. This coach helps you choose a major, select classes that match your goals and navigate your academic career on the hilltop. Success coaches collaborate with you to develop personalized plans — including classes, student activities, leadership roles, internships and more — to create a college experience unique to your interests, strengths and aspirations.


Your professors will work with you and your success coach to recommend classes, graduate school, internships and other career paths. With a student-faculty ratio of 13:1, professors across disciplines will be there to help connect your classes to the future you want. As an upperclassman, your faculty advisor will be provide personalized guidance and mentorship based on your professional goals and interests.

Career Coach

This career-building expert works with you in the Career and Professional Development office to get you ready for life outside of St. Edward’s. Whether that’s finding your first internship or writing a professional resume, your career coach is ready to help connect you with career opportunities in Austin and beyond.

Insider Tip: As you get more job experience and leadership roles under your belt, take advantage of the resume drop-off service. Fill out an online form, upload your resume or cover letter, and get expert feedback in just a few days. It’s quick and so worth it.

The Opportunities

Personalized Plans

This customized roadmap, made with the help of your academic success coach, acts as a guided pathway throughout your college career. For example, an Accounting major could work with their success coach to identify interesting Accounting courses and an internship at a local firm. You won’t just define your goals; you’ll also map out how to achieve them.

Common Theme

Think of the Common Theme as a conversation across campus. All first-year students read the same book over the summer and discuss this in their classes in the fall. There are on-campus events throughout the year to explore the theme.

Office Hours

These regular time slots are hours where faculty members are in their respective offices to talk with you or answer your questions.

Insider Tip: Professors aren’t scary, so don’t be afraid to attend office hours! It’ll help you clarify any confusion from class and show your professor that you care about your class performance.

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