This article is part of an ongoing series, in which students document their experiences, both on campus and beyond, from their unique perspective.  

Josh Rios ’20 is a Biology major from San Antonio, Texas. As a busy college student, he’s found that Austin’s running trails provide more than a way for him to stay active. “I am able to get a run in on the Lady Bird trail, and I feel like I’m in a different place for a couple of minutes, then I’m back to city life,” he says. “Running is my way of stress relief, and Austin provides that for me.”

Main Building

I usually start my day by searching for parking for a good couple of minutes, then make my way by Main Building. Seeing it in the morning and the Austin skyline helps jumpstart my day!

Remi Ward

Later in the day, I make my way to my classes in Moody. I see one of my good friends, Remi Ward, as she waits for class to start.

Immunology class

In Immunology class, we’re preparing for one of our final presentations: presenting a specific protein that functions in our immune system.

Bill Quinn

After my classes, I go to see one of my favorite professors and mentors if he’s not busy. I try to see Professor Bill Quinn as much as possible throughout the week to ask for academic advice and guidance for graduate school. 

Walking on campus

After any meeting and eating lunch, I put in my music and start my walk down to my internship in the university’s marketing office. 

View through Doyle Hall

I love the architecture of every building at St. Edward‘s, new or old. Each day, I see this each day I  walk into Doyle and had to photograph it.

Josh Rios

This is me enjoying my day being a hilltopper and loving that I got to start a photography project for my university, while also studying what I love. 

Bluebonnets on the hilltop

After my internship, I walk to my car. I had to capture this view, especially during bluebonnet season!

Dinner with friends

I return to campus to study and see my friends who I studied abroad with in Angers, France. We all were stressing as finals were approaching. 

More about Josh

Right or left handed? Left 

What inspires you? My mom inspires me to work hard each day!

What are you doing this summer? I am a summer research intern at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institute, where I am working on a cancer immunotherapy research.

Where do you see yourself after graduation? After graduation, I will hopefully attend a PhD program to study immunology.


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