This article is part of an ongoing series, in which students document their experiences, both on campus and beyond, from their unique perspective.  

Sam Griffith ’19 is a Writing & Rhetoric major from New Orleans. He spent part of his four years on the hilltop exploring Austin’s vast trail system. “Finding new trails and sharing them with family and friends has helped me feel more connected to the city,” he says. “In return, people share their favorite parts of the city. It feels like Austin has this amazing give and take — and experience here always leads to another.”

Peace and quiet on the hilltop

Most mornings are a mixture of exercise, work and eating. It’s nice to catch a couple minutes of peace and quiet. 

Students at St. Edward's

These are two of my favorite people, Mary and Belle. Sharing a topo chico seems like a pretty solid encapsulation of a memorable four years in Austin with them. 

In Jo's

Chrystalla practices her drum recital in Jo’s in between classes. You can’t hear it through this picture, but it sounds really good. 

Walking around campus with a friend

Walking around campus, regardless of where you’re going, is best shared with a bud. 

Glimpse of the chapel

Going to my final class of the day, I catch a glimpse of our chapel. It reminds me that our commitment to fostering a community with all faiths is what creates a stronger, more empathetic institution. 

Plotting out a children's book

Gavin and I plot out key narrative points in the early prototyping stages of our children’s book, QWERTY the Cactus

College students

Jack and Daniel figure out the true ways to create a reusable succulent pot out of old bottles. Their form and design choices are A+. 

More about Sam

Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the a.m., but Earl Grey tea if I‘m trying to spice things up.  

Describe your life on the hilltop in three words: Mostly eating tacos.

What do you do in your free time? I love being active, and recently just finished training and completing my first marathon. Beyond that, I enjoy listening to new podcasts and telling people I read a lot more books in my free time than I actually do. 

Where do you see yourself after graduation? During my senior year, I developed an interest in the radio and podcast worlds. I‘m looking to pursue that by way of graduate school in the spring, then hitting the ground running (both literally and metaphorically, it seems).