This article is part of an ongoing series, in which students document their experiences, both on campus and beyond, from their unique perspective.  

Alex Castillon ’20 is a Writing & Rhetoric major. “My favorite part of Austin is just how much of a creative hub it is for artists, musicians and writers,” he says. “I think the city faces a lot of challenges politically and socioeconomically, as all cities do, but out of that darkness always comes the light of truthful art that inspires people and starts real change.”

Alex Castillon

As a Writing & Rhetoric major, I’m always interested in how people use language — especially English and Spanish — to say what they mean but also to say what they don’t mean.

Students at St. Edward's

I think people often think they’ll find lifelong friends right away coming to college. For me, it took the past three years to truly feel like I’ve found a supportive, like-hearted community.

Student at St. Edward's

Every year at St. Edward’s has been drastically different for me, but the one constant has been the feeling of becoming a happier, stronger, more intentional person every May. 

Rain on the hilltop

The hilltop already felt like home my freshman year. Now, however, it feels more like a home that I’ve lived in for a long time — loaded with memories but also facing change.

In the library

St. Ed’s has given me the opportunity to develop skills I never thought I’d have — and fall in love with them.

Photo by Alex Castillon

Each year has revealed new perspectives of the world, the arts, and life in general to me. I really think all it takes is making the effort to listen.

More about Alex

Tea or Coffee? Tea! My dream is to reach the level of comfort of the Celestial Seasonings sleepytime bear.

What inspires you? People and stories. Everyone has one.

What do you do in your free time? I love thrift stores. Not fancy upscale ones — Goodwill is where it’s at. Also doing anything outdoors, listening to music or going to the movies. Oh, and sometimes I actually write, if I’m lucky!

What are you doing this summer? I’m currently a multi-media intern for Freestyle Language Center, where I film events, interview students, and generate content for their YouTube channel. I’m also a site manager for Badgerdog’s creative writing summer camp.